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Mari's POV

“For f.ucks sake! What the f.uck were you doing out there, Mari?!” 

That ladies and gentlemen is the sound of my 'loving' boyfriend Matt Webb. We had been fighting the past couple weeks, mostly about little things. Most of the time it was my fault that the arguements started, i've tried to keep calm when he does the littlest things but he just drove me mad, but tonight's arguement wasn't my fault. All i did was go out with a few friends, had a little buzz, and dance a little. Since I had left my phone at the table we'd sat at and didn't hear it ring when Matt called me, he decided to drive up to the club, where found me dancing with another guy. 

Even though i explained to him that 1) he was just a friend and 2) he was gay, Matt was still upset. We gave each other the silent treatment the entire ride home, but the minute we got inside, he bursted, "I told you that i was gonna be out late!" I went to the kitchen, grabbed a glass, and filled it with water. Matt's angry footsteps followed after me, "No that's not what i meant. I meant what the f.uck were you doing grinding all over that guy!"

I sighed, rolled my eyes, and continued to drink my water. He huffed, walked over to me, grabbed the glass, and threw it at the wall, "What the h.ell is your problem?!" He scoffed, "My problem?! My problem is that you don't give a d.amn that you basically cheated on me!" I rolled my eyes, "Are you joking me?! I told you he is gay so there is no way he'd even try anything! You’re such a self absorbed a.sshole!” He scoffed, "Oh really?! Well, at least i’m not a cold-hearted b.itch!” The corner of Matt’s mouth curled up in a sneer.

We've said a lot of mean things to each other in the past but nothing like this. I was fed of with his b.ullshit. I mean, who the h.ell did he think he was? Oh right. Matt Webb, guitarist in Marianas Trench. Just because he was famous now didn’t give him the authority to act like he was better than me or better than our relationship.
“F.uck you,” i spat angrily, placing both hands on his chest and pushing hard. Matt stumbled backwards, loosing his footing. “What did you just say to me?" I taunted him, “You heard me.” I crossed my arms and waited for his answer. What he'd said next really surprised me, “I wish I’d never met you.” His voice was quiet but harsh, “You’re a fucking b.itch and I hope I never see you again.” 

I was shocked and hurt. We had our fair share of arguments as a couple, but this one had to be our worst. Matt had always been short-tempered, flying off the handle at the smallest things. We'd fought often, but we usually ended up lashing at each other for a bit then quickly getting over it. I uncrossed my arms, slowly, as tears started to build up. His face softened when he saw the tears starting to fall, "If this how you really feel then maybe should just end this" 

He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed, "Maybe we should" He looked me straight in the eye when he said this. I wiped the lingering tears away and went straight to them room we shared. Since this was his apartment i only had a few clothes here. I packed what little i had and left the room. When i got back, Matt was sitting against a wall with his head in hands. He lifted his when he heard me walk in, "I called Sophie and she's coming to pick me up"

He just nodded and walked into the kitchen. I heard a car honk outside and without even saying good-bye, i left. I got into Sophie's car and curled up in the seat. She rubbed my back, "You wanna talk about it?" I just shook my head and curled myself tighter in my seat. She sighed and whispered, "It's gonna be okay sweetheart, i promise" She drove away. I looked at the rearview mirror and could see Matt standing there, watching me leave.

Days and weeks passed and each day Matt left one message on my phone saying that he was sorry and he wanted me to come back home. It was the same message everytime and even though i was still mad at him, i loved hearing his voice. I stayed in the guest room at Sophie's apartment and each night she'd go out, i stayed and watched old romance movies, wishing i could have something like the movies. 

One afternoon, Sophie and i were just lounging around the place since it was raining pretty hard outside. I was reading a book while Sophie was making us something to eat. When she came with our sandwiches she paused, "Do you hear that?" I stopped reading and listened. Even though it was raining hard outside and the windows were closed, i could faintly hear a song playing outside, "Yea i do but what-" I froze because i knew exactly what was playing and who was playing it. I dropped my book and hurried to the window, Sophie right behind me.

When i looked out i could see Matt standing in the rain with a radio in his hand. The song playing was the first song we dance together to when we first met. I started to tear up at the thought that he even remembered. Sophie put her hand on my shoulder, "Go talk to him. Maybe things will get better" I smiled at her and nodded. I went out in the pouring rain and there he was just standing there. I walked to him until i was a good foot or two away from him. He spoke first, "Why haven't you called me back?"

All the anger that i had at him that came bubbling right back out, "I meant what i said that night, Matt" I could tell he was irritated at my smart answer. He stepped forward and grasped my arms, holding me inn my place. “You can’t just walk away from me.” His eyes darkened and he tightened his grip. 
I looked down, trembling with an unknown emotion. I couldn’t look at him any longer. I was starting to feel scared, i could feel my arm bruising. Matt didn’t say anything more, choosing only to narrow his eyes at me. I tried to pull my arm out of his grip but he refused to let me go. We stared at each other for what seemed like hours, but it was really only a couple seconds, the tension rising and bubbling over me like hot lava. 

I could tell that my silence was irritating him, “Say something!” he shouted furiously. I stayed silent. The way his voice sounded made me more afraid. “The f.uck Mari!” He bellowed and i flinch as his grip tightened. I was suprised by his harsh reaction, unable to stop myself from shaking underneath his grasp. If i could move, i'd walk back to the apartment and never see him again. He was scaring the s.hit out of me. 
As if sensing my reaction, Matt’s hands dropped from my arm immediately and hung limply by his side, as he realized what he had done. I saw his shoulders slump as if he regreted what he'd just done. This was unlike him. Matt looked at me, his face with a more softened expression, “We can't be done here, I mean.” I heard his voice cracked. Matt pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes, “Mari, I didn’t mean all of what i'd said that night.” 

He shuffled his feet awkwardly, suddenly embarrassed. “I’m sorry” He sheepishly looked down at me. Regaining my composure, i took a deep breath, “We have to end this now, Matt, before one of us really gets hurt.” I pushed my hair outta my face and looked directly at him, “I can’t keep doing this fight and make up s.hit anymore every time you or i get upset over something small.”
“But Mari..” he pleaded, his eyes never leaving mine. At the sound of his voice shaking, something in me broke into a million pieces. The fight had gone out of me and i just wanted to wrap my arms around his neck and pull him into a hug, despite the situation. I just wanted him to tell me that he loved me, hold me close and never let go. His hands swung beside him as if he didn’t know what to say. Suddenly, annoyed at his distance, she snapped.
“But Mari, what Matt?” she repeated his plea back to him, desperate for an answer, ”Please tell me what's on your mind" “I love you,” He murmured, his large hands raising up, tangling gently in the ends of my hair. I reached up to touch the side of his face. Matt grabbed my arms again, this time softer, and pulled me into his chest. The top of my head barely reached his chin, and i smiled as i wrapped my arms around his waist, rubbing his back. “Yeah, yeah yeah..” i muttered dryly into his chest with tears coming down my face, the words muffled slightly, “I love you too.” This was how it was supposed to be. How we were suppose to be. I sighed with relief. It was finally over. I knew all was forgiven. 

I peeled away from Matt and took his hand, "Now let's get of this rain before we both catch a cold" A small smile appeared on my face and he smiled back, "Sure babe, whatever you want" I led hm back to Sophie's apartment, where spent the rest of the afternoon wrapped in each others arms.

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