Maria Rondinella

Maria Rondinella
19 year old Photographer from Paradox


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+ Fuℓℓ Name;;Maria Spring Road
+ Age;;sixteen
+ Date Of Birth;;April 5
+ Time Of Birth;; 7:41 pm
+ Hometown;;Monaco,FranceMonaco has the world's lowest poverty rate, and the highest number of millionaires and billionaires per capita in the world.
+ Home Country;Europe
+ Nationalities;;French
+ Short Biography;;Maria is a classy chic style girl.She was raised in Monaco,france with her mother and little sister Hannah,Maria is always looking out for her sister as well as showing her the things in life and being the greatest big sister there is even though the have no father.Maria's mom works as a real estate agent and is getting paid big money for it.Which is why they could afford living in Monaco.

+ Look A Like [reserved modeℓ];;Maria Consiglia Rondinella
+ Flaws;;She can be abit of a airhead when is comes to things like love,and boys.
+ Strengths;;Even though she's not the brightest when it comes to boys and girl activities she's quite streetsmart and can handle camping.
+ Personality;;She is a normally bright person who is always ready to lend a hand but there are afew times when she is in a mood where she practically shutsdown and noone will know whats wrong,especially since it comes out of the blue.
+ Other;;she loves
cяєαмѕ/ωнιтє/ραѕтєℓѕ/ραятιєѕ/נєωєℓѕ/¢ℓσтнєѕ/ℓα¢є/ρнσтσgяαρну/ƒαѕнιση вℓσgѕ/ƒℓσяαℓѕ/нιgннєєℓѕ/¢αмρвєℓℓ ѕнσєѕ/нσηєу/нιgнρσηутαιℓѕ/ƒιѕнтαιℓ вяαι∂ѕ/ƒαѕнιση ιℓℓυѕтяαтισηѕ/нαιя ѕтуℓєѕ/∂ιу/ƒℓσяαℓѕ/ƒℓσωєяѕ/ωαтєяƒαℓℓѕ/∂яαωιηg/яєα∂ιηg/ѕρяιηg/тωιχ/вσωѕ/ к-ρσρ/ נ-ρσρ/ ραη∂α/ℓσℓιтα/ ¢αѕυαℓ ¢нι¢/нιgнℓσωѕ/ѕℓσω ℓσяιѕ/qυσтєν/ρσℓуνσяє/ℓσσквσσк.ηυ
+ House Choice [on presentation, pℓease do not put dazzℓing];;amethyst alpha
+ Activeness;;I will try my best to be on so 9
+ Sampℓe Roℓepℓay;;I push my french nails againest the door elegantly as i slip inside,I would have prefered to have stepped in unnoticed but my Platform sandals had a different idea in mind, as i dragged my bags along my heels clicked in a rhythm as i made my way to the front deck and I see Sally,She looks up at me and sees my blunt expression and attempts to lighten my mood with a small smile but i ignore it "Maria Road." I state calmly as my steady brown eyes watch Sally as she grabs a silver key and hands it to me "Heres your key" she states before I calmly take the key, and I give a slight nod for a thank you before I make my way towards the dorms.


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