Marin Dödsängeln Pt. I

{The daughter of a Valkyrie and a wounded soldier.}
I ask him what Marin had been like.
Marin? He says.
God. She was-
She was the stars in the sky. He says, she was the glimmer in the night.
Isabelle, she has this strong and sexy badass thing. Marin was't like that. She was small and silent. Lethal. Part Victorian savage, part ethereal and gracious. She was the sweet dark thing.
Isabelle thinks that you loved her. As he thinks this over, I watch his face, and I know immediately that Isabelle was right.
You, he says finally. You asked me if I could ever love you- ever love anyone.
Not like I love her.
Loved, I correct.
But... she's dead.
I know. And I see the pain in his eyes, the ashes in his heart. I realize with a start that Jace will always love a ghost more than anything real. The realization is a dagger, silent and lethal.

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