Marley sat at her kitchen counter eating a ham & cheess Hot Pocket. As she finished it off, she set the plate in the sink & ran back up stairs to her room. Today she had her first final for Biology. She'd been studying hard & felt like she was gunna do alright. She walked over to her dresser & grabbed the red Bic lighter that was laying next to her giant pile of make up supplies, grabbed her pack of cigarettes from her purse & lit one. SHe inhaled the smoke & let out the smoke slowly. She looked in the mirror. She did a few turns checking out how she looked in her shorts & heels. They made her legs look long & more tan then usual. She hit the cigarette & looked into her mirror. She let out the smoke & studied how she looked. She looked good smoking a cigarette, but it wasn't really her thing. Usually she just used cigarettes to meet new people & have a smoke once every great while. She put out the cigarette & tucked it behind her ear. She fixed & flounced her long thick straightened blonde hair & grabbed her purse. She ran down to her car & got in. SHe strated driving toward her school & grabbed the short behind he rear & lit it. She had a feeling today was going to be different.
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