For "SS for Fall" Contest:


"My Boyfriend is Type-B" Contest:

I could have chosen Key for this contest, or even Sungyeol or Woohyun. But I choose Dongho because he was the first one to come to mind (thanks to U-Kiss Vampire variety show). And his role as the bad boy blood type B in the show seemed to fit with the image of the Blood Type B boyfriend. I really can't see any of my biases fitting in with that. 

Also, I've had IU's Marshmallow stuck in my head for the past day 0.o I don't know why, but I just find it all of a sudden really adorable and now I Keep singing it everywhere I go...

two comments

Wrote three years ago
Great set! He is so cute!!

Wrote three years ago
hahahah whenever people mention type B guys I immediately think about that spoiled kid! I love him though hahah <3 amazing set !

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