I Saw Part Of His Memorial When I Was In D.C Last. I Thought It Was Amazing That We Were Finally Building A Memorial To Honor This Great Man.That I Grew Up Learing About All The Great And Inspiring Things He Did For The Country That I Love.
So I Decided To Make A Set Honoring This Great Man. He Is A True Role Model Of Mine. Standing Up For What's Right. He Was Living Proof That You Can Accomplish Anything If You Set Your Mind To It. It's Because Of Him That I Beliveing in Judging A Person ".. By The Content Of Their Character" And NOT Judging A Person By Their Race,Relgion or Nationailty. Thank You Martin Luther King Jr. For Making The Country I Live In So Great. Thank You So Much

And I Had Seen The Commercial For The Memorial by Chevrolet, Many Times.

The Commercial Below:

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