I Saw Part Of His Memorial When I Was In D.C Last. I Thought It Was Amazing That We Were Finally Building A Memorial To Honor This Great Man.That I Grew Up Learing About All The Great And Inspiring Things He Did For The Country That I Love.
So I Decided To Make A Set Honoring This Great Man. He Is A True Role Model Of Mine. Standing Up For What's Right. He Was Living Proof That You Can Accomplish Anything If You Set Your Mind To It. It's Because Of Him That I Beliveing in Judging A Person ".. By The Content Of Their Character" And NOT Judging A Person By Their Race,Relgion or Nationailty. Thank You Martin Luther King Jr. For Making The Country I Live In So Great. Thank You So Much

And I Had Seen The Commercial For The Memorial by Chevrolet, Many Times.

The Commercial Below:

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Wrote 5 years ago
Thank You So Much!!! Same Here!

Wrote 5 years ago
fantastic!! I'm a fan of Martin Luther King!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wrote 5 years ago
Thank You So Very Much!!

Wrote 5 years ago
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



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First Date Sets

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Hello Ladies =D
This Group is for both ART and FASHION sets ... MUST be UNIQUE and CREATIVE sets... NO LESS than SUPER CREATIVE, ELEGANT and AMAZING sets...
So let me see your CREATIVITY...
Please JOIN and ASK your friends to do so...Everyone is Very Welcome ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Not Your Average Group

Not Your Average Group

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I know what you're probably thinking...another group!? (and if you are, i don't blame you) However, like our title says, this is a unique group that you won't regret joining. Why you may ask? Because:
--you can submit any type of set, whether it's fashion,art, or complete random-ness, we don't care!
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Have fun. ♫
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Posh Princesses

Posh Princesses

" I am a princess, all girls are!"- A Little Princess. By princess you don't have to be a girly girl, you can be a rocker chick, boho, a label lover, anyone from anywhere! This is mainly for fashion sets and all of the contests will probably have to do with fashion. I promise you they will be creative, fun and DIFFERENT! I am now doing a 25 theme Posh Princess Challenge! I am not too picky or specific, I would just really like you to have fun with it. The things I list don't have to be the entire set, for example for roses you can just have one rose in there in any form, it doesnt have to be all about roses, you get the picture! Message me when you are done and I will feature you on the website! Lets see who is the poshest of them all!
The 25 Posh Princess Challenge
Completed Challenges:
Shartae http://www.polyvore.com/25_posh_princess_challenge/collection?id=471841

× Assie ×

1. Pink
2. Roses
3. perfume
4. Locket
5. Jewels
6. dessert ( may I suggest wilton.com for some very cute options)
7. sun flowers
8. music (can be your fav song, artist, musical, etc)
9. Vintage inspired
10. snow
11. Your favorite quote
12. model, singer, actress (anyone) with long hair
13. A set using at least one Juicy couture charm
14. sun glasses
15. Blue
16. Mittens
17. Castles
18. Your prince charming (can be an actor, singer whoever!)
19. Your dream wedding
20. Your favorite movie
21. Your favorite holiday
22. Your favorite Disney princess
23. Birds (swans, sparrows, parrots anything!
24. the beach
25. Your Choice!


.. 3 Sets with Same Color ..

.. 3 Sets with Same Color ..

208 sets from 71 members. Ended 5 years ago.
Choose a color (it doesn't have to be your favorite color) and enter 3 sets of the SAME COLOR.. e.g. 3 blue sets or 3 pink sets..etc ... its up to you .. if you enter different colors you won't win, even if your sets are perfect...
1 Week , 12 Winners .... Good Luck =D

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