✧ marvel universe

✧ date: november 24th 2016
✧ item count: 162
this is a collection of all my favorite marvel pictures, icons, and fillers. i've clipped a lot of them from tumblr, but i've also saved a lot right here on polyvore, so thank you to all the original creators. feel free to use any of these items, and please enjoy the collection.


Wrote 7 days ago
@only-hum4n aw THANK YOU i'm glad you like it!

Wrote 7 days ago
just now seeing this

Wrote 10 days ago
@mars-phoenix thank you very much!

Wrote 10 days ago
great collection!

Wrote 11 days ago
@tropical-iced-tea glad you like it ♡

Wrote 11 days ago
@forebodinq thank you so much! that really means a lot (:

Wrote 11 days ago
@same-sunset aw thank you so much, sam! i tried to do it in pairs of three related items ahah :D glad you like it (:

Wrote 11 days ago

Wrote 11 days ago
This collection is amazing, so well put together!

Wrote 11 days ago
#samremember to look through later :)

Wrote 11 days ago
this is awesome!! you organized it so well ahhh its so cool :D

Wrote 11 days ago
✧ are we all lost stars?
@kjvlulu: first of all, you're such a sweet person! really, you seem so genuine and nice. also, i'm in love with all your sets, particularly your marvel themed ones. and not gonna lie, i steal tons of tags from you haha. anyway, you're just really cool!

@tiaranrnd @cheryl11132 @meladelic @hangar-knjiga @fantasticbabe @amra-mak @huiqic @reaganbalentyne @ramiza-rotic @yexyka @aergirl11 @toripete @mode-222 @forebodinq @softsounds @tropical-iced-tea @uss-nefelibata

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✧ are we all lost stars?

@caxma: carter, you're so funny lol like i don't even know why but i just think you're hilarious haha everytime we talk i just laugh. also your moodboards for your roleplay characters are just beautiful, ugh. i love them and you're just awesome!
@azra-90 @alwaysapotter-head @cattytwins @enola123 @meladelic @blckvlbrides221b @elmaman @vidrica @gennabug00 @sarah19200 @whitewolf17 @alien-official @iris03015 @im-no-one @zaynscalpal @only-hum4n

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✧ are we all lost stars?

@xthe-red-queen: malia, your sets are so cute, first of all! i adore them agh. also you helped convince me to buckle down and watch stranger things so thank you because i love it so much! also jenna coleman asdfghjkl. anyway you're just awesome haha.
@bunheads-hottie: first of all riley, you have the most awesome roleplay characters! seriously, so original and i absolutely love them. your sets are really cute, and oh, did i mention we both love agent carter? yeah, you're just super cool!

@jupiter-hale @taylormarykaeyelizabeth @toxicxgrunge @anettviolet @cidinha-001 @homerabbit @screams-of-insanity @hanna109539 @swiftastical @fashionvomit @im-a-daydreamer @stylemoi-offical @ainaahmedova @aida-1999 @flowersblood @miki-87 @liz1478 @megiem

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✧ are we all lost stars?
@same-sunset: sam, i think we first talked here on polyvore like three and a half years ago? haha that was so long ago! anyway, i love freaking out over our mutual love for zayn and all things marvel hehe. you're one of my favorite people on here, and i'm so glad to know you. oh and of course your sets are so gorgeous and inspirational.

@ytzalamalaikum: you're so sweet and funny, and I love talking to you about all sorts of random things ( especially zayn. he's so gorgeous ahah ). and of course, your sets are so amazing, agh! seriously, your simple sets are beautiful.
@oshint @xdarkgothamx @franchesca-29 @sarah19200 @gennabug00 @luvmusic2000 @singalways161 @julesdiaries @dnaesh @fashionb-784 @fawn2021 @miss-mendes-magcon @icon-goddess @fashionista765 @skye-tops @leah-brooks


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