Lady Mary of the Hill Garden Court hails from the Plains of Humble. Trapped in a strict, bordering on abusive highborn household, Mary was taught to bite her tongue if it meant escaping unscathed. She watched as her sisters who never learned to hold their words were torn down verbally by their father, who swore he was a godly man. At fourteen Mary was given to the eldest of the four Hill Garden sons, Lord Angus. Mary saw that as a blessing. Hill Garden was known for their chivalrous men and beautiful gardens- a perfect place for the lovely, gentle, dutiful and sweet Mary.
Angus was kind to Mary, as chivalrous as the stories told, and Mary swore she had fallen for him. But as the years pressed on, Angus had seemed to lose interest in his bride. Mary had doe everything in her power, but it was not enough. They still remain married, and Mary is carrying their first child, but her place at Hill Garden feels unwelcomed and uneasy with Angus's family. Mary has played very high in the good books of the Hill Garden's people. Her generosity and kindness has won her even more fans than her lord husband, and he is not thrilled. The people of Hill Garden are flighty and materialistic, always veering towards the fanciful, and sweet Mary is right up their ally. Lord Angus is the dirt of the garden- important, and a key piece in growing, but no one visits a garden to gaze upon the soil.
Over the years her disappointment had turned to resentment and his ignorance transformed into distaste. Mary has learned her place at court from years of controlling her true thoughts and urges, it is hard to truly find any faults.
When another girl of the Humble Plains is bethrothed to the third Hill Garden brother Edmund, she is sent to the Gardens wide-eye and bleary. Stubborn and driven by passion, Mary takes it upon herself to teach young Jane the ropes of the court the way a lady should know.

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