Mary Lovett // Tales of the Jazz Age audition

Name: mary lovett
Age: 22
Occupation: a journalist & an ready to make the move to reporting for the Chicago Daily News
Likes: Chicago, her job, writing, smoking, the sound of her typewriter, reading, whiskey, champagne, the nightlife of Chicago, reporting, blouses, skirts, necklaces, sequins, movies, lipstick, curly hair, men, finding a good story, her leather chair, intelligence, Chicago Daily News
Dislikes: someone stealing her story, liars, competing newspapers, silly people, girls who act stupid to impress men, stupidity, typewriter mistakes, rumors, people not taking her seriously because she is a woman, people thinking she is unintelligent because she is a woman
Bio: Marry Lovett was born in Chicago to the wealthy Lovett family. Her father, John Lovett, was a well paid lawyer when he met Veronica, Mary's mother who, at the time, was his new secretary. They began an affair, it was kept a secret at first because he was 10 years older than her. Her mother didn't love him, just the money and the social status that went along with the Lovett name, so when she found out she was expecting - they pair soon wed to avoid rumors. Her mother quit her job and became a full time socialite after the birth of James, Mary's older brother. So when Mary was born two years later, her family was well known to the people of Chicago and she grew up with everyone watching her every move and judging her. Different than her mother, Mary loved her studies, mostly her english and writing classes. She wrote everything, from short stories to what was happening in Chicago. When it came time for school Mary could attend any women university to pursue her studies in journalism because of her great writing, intelligence, and her family's money. She graduated and quickly got a job as a journalist at the Chicago Daily News. At first Mary could tell they hired her because of her family but after a month of being there she was promoted because of her writing skills. Now two years later Mary was one of their best journalists and is ready to make the move into reporting, she hopes to be the best in Chicago one day. With the flapper and mobster scene thriving here in Chicago, Mary knows the key to reaching the high reporter status she wants is somewhere behind the scenes of the risky scenes taking places in her hometown. She will do anything for her job and to get the story, she has gotten to far in her career and will do anything to keep it going. Even if is involves undercover reporting and pretending to fall for a man just so she can get the story. She doesn't care how dangerous it is, but soon Mary might find herself blurring the lines of falling in love and being an undercover reporting doing anything to get the story....
Model: ginta lapina
Taken by: @mademoisellecharlotte
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Two comments

Wrote two years ago
Veronica Lake is stunning! She was a famous 1940's actress and I pictured her when I thought about Mary's mom!

Wrote two years ago
omg her mom <3


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