The crystals chimed clear in the summer-warmed air. Flashes of the bright red blinked back at Mary. She smiled as she reached up to rustle them.

Ding. Ding. Di-ding.
They responded to her touch, light as air.

But Mary was dead. 

The crystals were the ones hanging above her grave from a gnarled old oak's fingers.

She had been for almost a hundred years now.

She had a bright smile and an infectious laugh. 

She loved pretty things and the air at night during the summer when the Southern sun finally stopped its hell-fury heat and everything was murmuring quietly to themselves.

She was never going to leave that.

 So every summer night after she danced alone, spinning between the headstones and singing to herself.
"Mary, Mary, oh contrary
I'll never leave where I was buried
Pull my finger, pull my hair,
You'll be sorry if you dare..."

A scrap of a recent newspaper fluttered by and caught on the chime, only for a moment. The headline read, "Man Beheaded in Freak Accident" with a byline stating, "Large red X found on back of body; officials are puzzled." A picture of the body, a glittering ring on one of the hands that are crossed upon his chest, head shorn off clean and straight. The newspaper flies away just as quick.

Mary sunk back into her earthen bed just as the rising sun rose red and bright. She smiles softly in her sleep, her hand with the missing ring finger resting over her heart.
"Mark 'em with an X
Mark 'em in red,
Leave with a hex
And they'll lose their head...

That's what my Mama said."

* * * * * *

Inspired by both "Old Mary" by Dead Weather ( and "Dance In The Graveyards" by Delta Rae ( I actually just bought the Delta Rae album "Carry The Fire" the other day because I finally gave into my obsession and accepted it, haha. Also I had a gift card. xD

Part 1 of 2 for these "ghost stories" I wrote and thought you guys might like. Also I'm proud of them. Haha, comment "That's what my Mama said" if you read it all and got down to here and whatnot. Sometimes that's fun. 

Haha, I'm not quite done yet. I'll definitely be back. ;)

#ghost #mary #ghoststory #shortstory #prose #writing #creepy #graveyard #mwhahahaha #jk #justkillingpeople #nbd
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