Mary Rose, the Virgin (TED)
Mary Rose lost both her parents in a car accident when she was eight years old and since then has been brought up by her uncle Patrick, a Catholic priest of the church of Saint Mary Queen just outside Vegas.
Already raised as a good Christian by her family, Mary Rose became very religious and spiritual thank to the influence of her uncle and the nuns of the convent next to the church.
At school she didn't have many friends because people of her age always thought she was weird. In turn Mary Rose considered her school mates shallow and superficial.
Her first experience with love, was at fourteen, when she took a fancy to a young seminarian who Father Patrick was preparing to become a priest. However she never dared to come forward, knowing she was hopeless.
At sixteen, she announced to her uncle her intention to enter a convent. Father Patrick convinced her to take some time to think and made her promise not make the final decision until the end of high school.
Two years later, Mary Rose began her studies to become a nun.
When the ends of day came, many of their community died. The others found shelter in the church. Her uncle found out he had the power to shield himself and those next to him by the power of demons, but he could not do too much to stop them.
As psionic, he was the first to be killed.
The sisters did their best to ward off demons thanks to their faith and their rosaries and sacred objects, but all they could do was only to delay the inevitable for a few hours.
When at last the demons broke their meager defenses, many were taken as slaves and sent to brothels or labor camps.
This would have been also Mary Rose's fate, but one of the demons took interested in her. It’s pretty rare to find a vergin girl in sin city after all.
Since then Mary Rose became his plaything, but she tried very hard not to lose hope and every night she prayed the Lord to give her the strength and the courage to run away and join the resistance.
Unfortunately lately she realized it had been two month since she last had her period.

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