The bonding of the Grey and Green families was probably not a good idea.
Lucretia Grey, blonde haired, 16, beauty queen, is a spoiled DIY princess. She generally uses her pink pout to get what she wants, and has a tiny dog, dyed purple, who likes to bark till all hours of the night.
***Marzipan Green is a liberal realist with a tendency to go for days without speaking, eating or sleeping. She's convinced that her new sister was abducted by aliens in a past life.
Though for now, things are quiet in the Grey-Green household, the sisters have each been grating on each other's nerves.
I'm not really sure what Marzi's style can be simplified's preppy but eccentric, bold yet neautral. It's very conflicting.

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Wrote 7 months ago
Amazing collection, thanks for sharing!!

Wrote two years ago
those black mark jacobs platform sandals


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