Hey everyone! So this week I"m on break, and I decided to make time for a tip.

1• Not Curling Your Lashes
◘ If you're interested in longer lashes, mascara alone won't do the trick. So before you put on a coat, use an eyelash curler. Curling after application could cause breakage.

2•Pumping the Wand
◘ Doing this is letting more air into the tube, which will cause the mascara to dry up and make it easier to clump. Instead, only dip the wand in next when you need a second coat. If it's still coming out too dry, then you should buy a new bottle.

3•Applying Too Many Coats
◘ The more you apply, the more your mascara will dry, which means more clumping. If your mascara isn't giving you the volume you need, try switching brands/types.

4•Coating Just the Tips of Your Lashes
◘ If you just swipe mascara onto the ends of the lashes, you aren't getting the full boost of mascara. You should be applying from the roots, wiggling the brush to the ends.

5•Smudging on the Lids
◘ This is usually caused from rushing when putting on mascara. Take your time, and you'll save time cleaning up your mess ups.

6•Using Expired Products
◘ You should never keep a mascara tube around past 3 months time. This is when bacteria starts accumulating in the tube, which can lead to pink eye, styes and other irritations. 

I hope this helps with all your mascara application ;D
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