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Mask of the Red Death - An Edgar Allan Poe-Inspired OC Battle Group

Once upon a midnight dreary, as you wandered weak and weary, you discovered this quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore. Said quaint and curious volume is actually a non-elimination OC battle group based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe. The premise is based on attempting to survive the basic plot of Poe's "The Mask of the Red Death", but other Poe stories will be referenced in OC roles and in the story itself. Main genres for this group will be horror, suspense, mystery, and dark fantasy. For those of you brave enough to continue, group premise, plot, rules, and needed info can be found below! ----- Group Mod: Miranda (@decoder13) Administrative Mod/Co-Mod: Sakuuya (@sakuuya) ----- Group and Setting Info Collection: https://www.polyvore.com/mask_red_death_oc_battle/collection?id=6218932 OC Character Roles: http://www.polyvore.com/mask_red_death_final_character/set?filter=comments&id=214594365#comments Audition Info and Rules: http://www.polyvore.com/mask_red_death_audition_form/set?id=214602154 Audition Template: http://www.polyvore.com/mask_red_death_oc_battle/template?id=1184887 Audition Collection: https://www.polyvore.com/mask_red_death_auditions/collection?id=6228972 ----- GROUP PREMISE: Europe, the 19th century. Hidden by mists and mountains lies a remote kingdom where faint, ancient magic lingers amidst a society that fancies itself modern and civil. It has long been on the verge of being torn apart by tensions between rich and poor, past and present, magic and science. It's managed to hold itself together, though. Until now. In the sixth year of Prince Prospero IV's reign, a plague, the Red Death, ravages the country. No cure has yet been found. Thousands are dead, and thousands more are doomed to die is a solution isn't found. The kingdom may well fall, but guards at the borders ensure no one can leave. The neglected, trapped peasants respond to this policy with violent rebellion. And what has the good prince done about this? Why, lock himself in a remote palace with his staff, his court, and supplies to last them for years, of course. The people have been abandoned by their leaders and stuck in crowded, disease-ridden cities to die. Meanwhile, Prospero and his court spend their days hiding in the luxury of the best sealed royal residence in the world. But, unbeknownst to the court, they've just sealed all their fears in with them... ----- PLOT: Your OCs are among the lucky souls who have been given the chance to stay in Prince Prospero's royal refuge as Red Death decimates the outside world. And, whatever else he may be, Prospero is a gracious host. The only rules are that no one may enter the palace, and no one may leave. There are frequent parties, events, and games held to pass time in the palace. These (plus a few less expected events) will form the basis of the group's contests. This means there will be plenty of time and chances for guests to interact. This may be both a problem and a blessing. Many guests are quite... odd. Dark secrets and buried tensions (both mundane and not) threaten to destroy the court from the inside. Beyond that, rebels of various motives and intentions hide amongst the guests and staff. And all of these people are stuck in one closed space for an indefinite amount of time... In the shadows lurks one last complication in the court's plan to cheat death and the rebels' plan to survive and create change. The human vessel of Red Death itself is here to collect the souls of all in the palace when their destined time comes, walls and locks be d.amned. Death is determined to get its due. But will it? Or will the palace's inhabitants manage to survive its efforts, unmask the reaper amongst them, and ultimately cheat Red Death? Will they even survive each other long enough to stand a chance? ----- GROUP RULES: 1. Respect others, their writing, their ideas, and their OCs. Give credit where credit is due, always treat others as you wish to be treated, and tag every person whose OC you mention in a story. Your OCs can be jerks to each other, but you as writers cannot be jerks to each other. 2. Keep things PG-13. 3. Stay active in the group! If you must miss a round, please PM me to let me know before the round concludes. 3 missed contests without letting me know will result in your OC being marked as inactive. You will then have to PM me first before you re-enter the group's plot if you decide to become active again. Mini-games are not required but are recommended to develop your OC's story and to earn points :) 4. Sets not substantially related to the group or to group OCs and stories will be removed by the mods. 5. You DO NOT need to be a Poe expert to join the group! I'll take premises and plots from Poe but let writers take them in any direction that observes group rules. Some familiarity with Poe's work is preferred, but it is by no means required. 6. Have fun! ----- LIST OF CHARACTERS: TBD ----- TAKEN/RESERVED FACECLAIMS: Vincent Price // Matthew Daddario // Cara Delevingne // Natalie Dormer // Douglas Booth // Katie McGrath // Lindsey Morgan // Daisy Ridley // Elizabeth Olsen // Eva Green // Mia Wasikowska // Eddie Redmayne // Merle Bergers // Neelam Gill // Sam Riley // Cillian Murphy // Colin O'Donoghue // Lily James // Daniel Sharman // Fei Fei Sun // Nina Dobrev // Sophie Turner // Willa Holland // Jasmine Cephas Jones // Harry Treadaway // Alicia Vikander // Stephen Amell // Grace Phipps // Howard Charles // Santiago Cabrera // Kaya Scodelario // Ralph Fiennes // Ashley Benson // Asa Butterfield // Chrissy Costanza // Taissa Farmiga // Adelaide Kane //Brendon Urie // Jenna Coleman // Indira Varma // Gugu Mbatha-Raw // Freya Tingley // Cameron Monaghan // Diana Moldovan // Sean Bean // Emilia Clarke // Daveed Diggs // Rami Malek // Adrien Brody // Aidan Turner // Gemma Arterton // Colton Haynes // Daniel Wu // Ni Ni // Felicity Jones // Alexander Skarsgard // Elle Fanning // Ruth Negga // Amanda Seyfried // Ciara Bravo // Drew Van Acker // Alex Pettyfer // Katie Mcgrath // Tom Hiddleston // Lupita Nyong'o // Alan Rickman // Ciaran Hinds
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