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  • Cecilio Castrillo For Jean Pie Masquerade-Style Mask
    Red leather mask from Cecilio For Jean Pierre Bua curved horn detailing at the sides, eye holes and an adjustable strap and buckle fastening at the rear. Please note that returns of this item cannot be accepted.
  • Emerald Witch Adult Costume
    No need to cast a spell to draw attention -- you'll be plenty bewitching when you dress in this alluring emerald outfit. It's time to change up those witchy expectations in an Emerald Witch Adult Costume. You've heard of Glinda the Good Witch and, of course, the Wicked Witch of the West? But how about the Emerald Witch? With her sultry green dress and snazzy striped tights, she's the only witch in the realm who can manage to be both naughty and nice. As the seductive emerald witch, you'll quickly blur the lines between good and evil. The emerald green of your dress may be reminiscent of the Wicked Witch of the West's ugly face, but there's no way she'd ever be caught in a bubble hem or black lace, both of which are featured on the Emerald Witch's gown. Amp up the witchy look with a jagged overdress, gathered at the bust with a diamond brooch. Your inner goodness will be apparent when onlookers observe the sassy green and black stripes on your tights. Instead of Glinda's boring tiara, you'll top off your bewitching outfit with a hat that, although pointy, features a surprisingly demure layer of green lace. Includes: dress, overdress, hat, tights. Does not include: choker, broom or shoes.
  • Adult Emerald Witch Costume
    Who says being a witch means resigning yourself to a wardrobe of only black dresses and cloaks? Not us. This emerald witch costume proves you can be witchy and still wear color. You might be the one wearing green, but trust us... it will be the other witches who are green with envy! 100% polyester. Green sequined dress has lace trimmed neck and shoulder lines, tattered sleeves. Dress has bubble bottom design. Overdress has tattered bottom and connects with sequined brooch pin. Includes striped socks. Lace trim hat has wire to maintain shape.
  • Flamingo Costume for Adults Costume
    People might want to take you home just to decorate their lawns when you make a scene in this fun and playful Flamingo Costume for Adults! This hilarious outfit helps you become one of the most fabulous birds on the planet. The bright pink body features wings and a long neck connected to a headpiece with a black beak in the front. The body also connects to black webbed feet on the bottom. The shirt pictured here is not included, so we recommend wearing a plain black shirt of your own, or a basic black unitard from our selection of accessories. You could also give this look a glamorous twist with the addition of long black gloves and pink feather eyelashes. Flamingoes are known for their vibrant pink or red coloring and their tendency to stand on one leg with the other tucked up beneath their body. Even if you keep both feet on the ground, you'll be pretty in pink when you wear this Flamingo Costume for Adults! One Size. Includes: Flamingo body, headpiece, beak and feet.
  • Sexy Peacock Adult Costume
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    Walk around the room and strut your stuff like never before! When it comes to being sexy at a costume party, there are dozens of nurse and maid costumes out there -- but not so many peacocks! Stand out and be original in the sexy peacock Adult Costume. This alluring ensemble has all the flair of a cabaret dancer -- with extra feathers. The colors are bright and eye-catching, but the costume itself is just plain fun. Shake your tail feathers this Halloween, because you'll have plenty of them in this getup. The sexy peacock adult costume has everything a lady needs to be the most alluring costume party attendee. With a beautifully embellished corset that will show off your curves in the best way, a decadent feathered headpiece and glitzy choker, plus a dark tulle tutu to bring it all together and show off your amazing legs, this costume will ensure you catch the eye of everyone in the room. Includes: Corset, skirt, tail, choker, headpiece. Does not include: Stockings or shoes.
  • Egyptian Cat Goddess Adult Costume
    RAWR! With this costume you won't even need claws. Roam around the pyramids and hang out at the the sphinx. Your cat ways will seduce even the most strong willed of the Egyptians. And once you have them back to your lair? Sacrificing them will be the best way to appease the other gods... 90% polyester and 10% spandex catsuit. Vinyl leather-like finish. One piece catsuit with strapless top. Zip-up back. Long tail w/ integrated wire for posing. Neckpiece has secures around neck w/ velcro strip. Neckpiece has glitter finish with plastic jewels. Sequined mesh hangs from neckpiece over shoulders. Plastic headband has felt cat ears, foam head piece and glitter details.
  • Johnny-O Turkey Adult Costume
    Listen up, you turkey. Who says you can only dress up for Halloween? Be the talk of the table when you show up for parties or even Thanksgiving dinner decked out in the Johnny-O Turkey Costume. Prepare to eat up your friends' and family's endless stream of turkey puns when you wear this fantastic Johnny-O Turkey Costume. It's no problem, you can just wing it as you gobble down your Thanksgiving dinner. From the red gobble hanging at the neck all the way down to the yellow turkey feet, no detail has been left out. The Johnny-O Turkey Costume has everything you need to get a leg up in your life, with a separate turkey headpiece, full-body jumpsuit with a tie closure at the back of the neck, and yellow shoe covers. This costume is more than just a funny conversation piece; it's also designed for comfort. Feel free to wear it to dinner since your hands remain unconstrained, making it easy to enjoy all the turkey and gravy you can eat. Includes: Headpiece, Jumpsuit, Shoe Covers.
  • Adult Teddy Bear Mascot Costume
    Who wouldn't want their own life sized teddy bear to cuddle up with? This big ole fuzzy teddy bear is a great addition to a Goldilocks and the three bears group costume or throw on this fuzzy jumpsuit to cheer on your favorite sports team. Go bears! One thing is for sure, you'll be bear-y loveable in this cute mascot costume! Friendly bear face head has mesh covering eyes so you can see out. Plush jumpsyuit has a white abdomen and zips up the back. Attached bear tail in back of jumpsuit. Slits in bear mitts so you can expose hands if needed. Ankles are lined with elastic to secure them around the over sized shoe covers.
  • BCozy Giraffe Adult Costume
    At your next Halloween party, stick your neck out there and get everyone's attention. Remember those infinitely comfortable footie pajamas that you used to wear as a kid? Well, now you can enjoy all of that comfort when you're at your next costume party. The BCozy Giraffe Adult Costume transform you into the world's tallest mammal -- or at least a human adult-sized version of one. Slip into this comfy giraffe costume, and hold your head high as you tower above the crowd (or pretend to.) Step into the button-down giraffe jumpsuit, and your look is complete. The BCozy Giraffe Adult Costume is adorned with everything you need to look like a giraffe -- well, except for a pair of stilts. The jumpsuit comes with a hood that features a smiling giraffe face and ears. When you're shakin' it to some party tunes, your giraffe tail will wiggle right along with you. The jumpsuit includes giraffe feet on your hands. Think of them as a built-in koozie to keep your hands warm when you're holding a frosty beverage. That's what giraffes drink, right? Includes: jumpsuit.
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  • Promotional Fox Adult Costume
    You'll be the foxiest at the Halloween party...literally. Why are foxes so popular right now? If you don't already know, then it's time to get out of your foxhole and check out the band, Ylvis. This Promotional Fox Adult Costume may look adorable and funny, but don't let it fool you! Underneath that cute exterior lies a sly, cunning fox, ready to pounce on its prey. Hey, if a group of your friends also dress as foxes, do you know what you'll all be called? A skulk, of course! Foxes are hot right now! From the tip of your fuzzy ears to the end of your furry tail, there is nothing un-foxy about you when donning this Promotional Fox Adult Costume. The plush fox headpiece and comfy jumpsuit not only keep you well-disguised, but warm and cozy, as well. This breathable, polyester costume is perfect for playing dress-up in cool climates. And only you need know whether you're a he-fox or a she-fox! Just be prepared for the question they'll all be asking, "What Does the Fox Say?" Includes headpiece and jumpsuit.
  • Fly Adult Costume
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    Take flight and be the buzz of the night! Nobody will be saying, "shoo fly, don't bother me," when you arrive in this eye-catching Fly Adult Costume. Spread your wings and party like you have life expectancy of only a few days at your next Halloween bash or costumed celebration. While everyone else will be staying close to the ground, you are bound to be the talk of the evening, as you take the celebration to new heights and soar through new adventures. Zzzzzzzip through the evening or hover around the food and snacks table as you pester your friends while you buzz in their ears. Just watch out for those fly swatters! Hopefully things won't get too buggy when you arrive to your festivities in your Fly Adult Costume. With a mask that allows you to look at the world in a new way donning those compound eyes, and a black tunic that sports attached wings -- you will be buzzing through the party, and through the night in this one-of-a-kind costume. Includes: Mask, Tunic With Attached Wings. Does Not Include: Tights, Gloves or Shoes.
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  • Dark Angel's Desire Womens Dress Costume
    Why should the devil be the only "dark’ costume? Now angels can join the dark side. Guys and gals will ask you corny pick-up lines like “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven, Angel?” But you won’t mind because you know how sexy you look wearing this Dark Angel’s Desire Womens Dress Costume. Complete with wings and halo, get ready to feel like an angel. Satin shimmer dress with embroidered and wire supported bodice will knock the socks off the other party goers. Bodice and high/low skirt shows off skin so you look incredible. Figure flattering and super sexy, you will feel like the rock star from heaven. Organza and chiffon wings with faux feather details will blow minds when you fly to the next party. Flutter away when you’re ready to go to the next party. Matching halo illuminates the angel that you are. The halo completes the look and you will feel like you are living a dream. Includes: satin shimmer dress with embroidered and wire supported bodice, organza and chiffon wings with faux feather details and a halo. Does not include: jewelry or shoes.
  • Dr. Seuss The Cat in the Hat - The Cat in the Hat Deluxe Adult Costume
    Look at me! Look at me! Look at me NOW! It is fun to have fun, but you have to know how. If you want a costume that's fun and instantly recognizable, look no further than the Cat in the Hat Deluxe Adult Costume. Not only are you bound to turn heads and grab all the attention, but there's also no way you could have a bad time dressed as the fun-loving Cat in the Hat. Put on this great costume and you'll be having all kinds of fun that is funny -- you might even be expected to speak in rhyme! This costume gives you everything you need to transform yourself into the iconic Cat in the Hat. The soft, black jumpsuit has an adorably fluffy white tummy and an attached red bow tie and black tail. The black head sock has attached ears (you are a cat after all) and the white gloves will act as paws. Of course, this cat wouldn't be anything without his hat, so the costume comes with that classic red and white striped headgear. Includes: Jumpsuit, hat, head sock, and gloves. This is an officially licensed Dr. Seuss product.
  • Complete Bumble Bee Adult Costume
    You'll be the bee's knees in this playful costume. The buzz at the party will be all about you when you show up in the Complete Bumble Bee Adult Costume. Vivid black and yellow stripes and an impressive rear stinger are sure to draw attention where ever you go. This colorful costume captures the essence of the bumble bee, from its colorful body to the pair of antennae on the head. The striped tunic is crafted from soft 100 percent polyester. You'll be just as comfortable as a bee can be in the costume. It's not hard to become a bumble bee. The tie closure at the back of the tunic makes it easy to slip into the costume. Wings are firmly attached to the back of the tunic. No worries about dropping a wing on your way to the next flower - or party. The hood covers your hair and features attached antennae. The stinger is also attached and adds a whimsical touch to the costume. Includes: Tunic, wings, hood with antennae and stinger. Does not include: Shirt, gloves, tights or flower.
  • BCozy Kangaroo Adult Costume
    Take a trip down under, but don't forget your joey! Who said partying in a costume has to be boring and dull. You don't have to be the dud of the party -- instead be the Roo in this BCozy Kangaroo Adult Costume. Relive your childhood memories in this onesie-like brown and white hopper and show off your best kangaroo impersonation to steal the Halloween limelight. If you're into it, spice up the night with a pair of boxing gloves and start an impromptu match! You know you want to. This full adult-sized jumpsuit comes in authentic kangaroo colors (tan and white). Although this costume is suitable for both men and women, you might want to give it a think over if you're a guy (only because there is a furry and cute little baby hanging out of the pouch, we won't judge). The BCozy Kangaroo Adult Costume is light enough to wear to a costume or safari party in the spring and heavy enough to don on a cold Halloween night. Includes: jumpsuit.
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  • Adult Beaver Mascot Costume Set
    Hot dam. Whether you are a Caltech Beaver or want to emulate the beaver mascot of the Oregon State Beavers, this costume has you covered, literally. Benny Beaver is the mascot of Oregon State University, but you can name yourself whatever you like when you wear this Adult Beaver Mascot Costume Set. A group of beavers is called a colony. Make your own by having your friends dress up along with you to show your school pride, or just to make a statement at a party. This beaver costume comes with everything you need to look like a cuddly critter. The head has large expressive eyes under big brows and big white teeth that are a beaver's trademark. You can't be a beaver without a big tail, and this costume delivers. The loose, comfy, one-size-fits-all roominess will ensure that you won't be an angry beaver by the end of the night. Includes: Jumpsuit, mitts, feet and head. Also comes with poly bag on a hanger for easy storage. In this costume, you can be as zany as Daggett Beaver or as smooth as his brother Norbert. It's your choice!
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  • Chicken Economy Mascot Adult Costume
    Foghorn Leghorn meets Chicken Little with this full-body chicken suit. The Chicken Economy Mascot Adult Costume is just the right thing for birthday parties, fundraising events, fun school functions, or business-related occasions. So you are opening a new restaurant? Why not have this king of cluck help draw attention to your location? The mascot costume is great for Halloween trick-or-treating, joining a parade, or revamping casual Friday. This suit will definitely get you noticed, no matter the occasion. The plush jumpsuit has attached mitts and comes with covers that slide over the foot, so that your human appendages aren't obvious. Its chicken character head features a beak and mesh see-through eyes, so you can look the part and actually see where you're going. This costume is made of 100-percent flame retardant polyester for safety and comfort, so you don't have to worry about becoming a fried chicken. Includes: Head, jumpsuit, and foot covers. The Kold Kollar for comfortable mascot wear and the Mascot Bag for easy storage are both recommended and sold separately.
  • Masquerade Ball Costume
    Be dark and mysterious this Halloween in this Masquerade Ball Costume! You can be a Gothic princess or Queen Victoria in mourning in this regal gown. After her beloved husband, Prince Albert, died in 1861, Victoria wore black clothing for the rest of her life. This dress evokes fashions of the late 19th century. And did you know that some of today's Gothic fascination with dark themes has its roots in 19th century Gothic literature? NOTE: the brooch shown in the photo is not included. 100% polyester interlock and metallic knit fabrics. Pullover dress has self-fabric waist ties to adjust fit. Fitted bodice has shiny wet-look finish, vertical silver metallic ruffle at center. U-shaped neckline edged w/ ruffle of silver metallic knit. Strand of teardrop faux pearls anchored at each shoulder. Sleeves are fitted to elbow, w/ silver metallic flounce cuffs. Full skirt has wide silver metallic knit ruffle at hemline. Molded plastic mask mounted on 10'' silver plastic rod. Mask edged w/ black lace & outlined w/ silver metallic braid.
  • Elite Fortune Teller Costume
    Do you like dancing, singing, and reading palms? Well, then maybe you do have a little gypsy inside you. Let her be free to dance and read fortunes all night in this Elite Fortune Teller Costume. Yellow peasant-style top with lace trim. Faux shirt is 100% cotton and skirt is 100% polyester. Off-the-shoulder sleeves are lined with elastic. Waist is also lined with elastic. Uneven bottom hemline with scarf-like print. Ruffles along the bottom. Tulle petticoat sewn underneath. Brown embossed vinyl belt ties around waist.
  • Violet Dance Hall Queen Costume
    Be the saloon girl with a heart of gold when you wear this Violet Dance Hall Queen Costume to your Halloween or Old West theme party! Finish off your costume with fishnet stockings or tights and sexy shoes or Victorian boots. Check out our Old West sheriff or saloon keeper costumes for your date. 100% polyester tricot, satin and lace fabrics. Pullover dress has elastic peasant neckline w/ violet satin ruffle. Puffed cap sleeves can be worn on- or off-the-shoulder. Front bodice inset panel of violet satin has black lace overlay & 4 satin bows. Skirt has 6 ruffled tiers, alternating between satin & lace. Asymmetric skirt is longer in back. Sequined headband has satin bow & feather. Choker fastens w/ Velcro. Also available in plus size.
  • Sexy Steam Dream Costume
    You'll look like one sexy science fiction character in this Sexy Steam Dream Costume. If you love the steampunk time period this is definitely the costume for you. Make sure the clocks are all on time and sufficiently oiled! Pick up a pair of goggles to get the full science fiction look! Black dress zips up in back; bodice is grey & black striped. Silver buttons down center. Matching striped fabric trims the sleeves. Black skirt w/ silver trim & ruffles on each hip. Black netting petticoat is attached under the skirt. Black polyfoam top hat is also included.
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  • Burlesque Dancer Costume
    Burlesque was often performed in cabarets and clubs in the 1860s to 1940s. It was a form of entertainment that included comedy and dance. You won't have to step back in time to feel like a popular entertainer in this Burlesque Dancer Costume. Add a pair of sexy shoes and practice your dance moves, and you'll be ready to hit the stage! 100% polyester crushed velvet, satin, tulle & interlock knit. Crushed velvet bodice has tulle overlay, back zipper & adjustable shoulder straps. Decorative satin bows on bodice front. Black satin skirt overlaid w/ 3 layers of tulle. Asymmetric hemline, longer in back. Interlock knit tap shorts have elastic waistband. Foam hat has pink feather in ribbon band. Vertically-striped thigh-high stockings.
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