I resolve to make 10 whole sets for Harry Potter, it is the book series that I have loved for the past six years of my life. It has been a magical journey that left me breathless and filled with wonder, it is an experience that will be cherished forever. 

The Masked Slytherins features Severus Snape, Draco Malfoy and Narcissa Malfoy. The trio brings out the often unseen traits of Slytherins, and they make good of the characteristics that were often perceived as evil and dark. Courage has been displayed by all three of them, with the most prominent one being Severus Snape's. He risked his life and took up the important role of being a spy for the light side, and this role costed him twenty years and his life. He was looked down upon as someone who would do anything to survive, even if it meant that he had to sit on the fence, but in actual fact, he was honouring a promise for the one he truly loved. 

Narcissa Malfoy, on all accounts, was as great and respectable as Molly Weasley. Her love for her only son, her sole flesh and blood, was so great that she went against all that she has been brought up with, and sided with all her life. In her heart, there was no dark and light side, there were only ways to save her precious dragon. The tears she shed were for her husband, her son and her family. Hereby, I declare that Narcissa is joining the long list of truly admirable people from the Harry Potter series. 

As for Draco Malfoy, the young boy who craved for his father's approval, the society's approval, and his true friends' approval. He was brought up as a pureblooded aristocrat, and it was with his upbringing that he made his first attempt to befriend Harry Potter. The rejection from the boy that he has admired since young left him bitter and humiliated, and we see that those feelings brought him far for the next seven years. Once the years passed and the dust has settled, the insecurities and fears in his heart are revealed to everyone. And it is here that the silk worm transforms into a butterfly, beautiful inside out. 

So here's to The Masked Slytherins. 

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