"I don't want the next best thing."
Name: Mason Anthony Maxwell Hale.

Age: 27.

Why do you need a wife?: Mason's mother was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and has only a few years left to live. She always wanted to see her son settle down and live a quiet, happy life. Knowing this, Mason's father confronted him about the issue. It took a month or so to wrap his head around the situation, but Mason eventually came around.

Personality traits: 

Bios: Mason grew up in a lavish home with two adoring parents and a rebellious behavior. He was spoiled constantly and got away with just about everything due to who his parents were and the amount of money they had backing their name. His parents never minded it, figuring it was just a phase that he’d grow out of.

27 years of this behavior has proven differently. Mason’s a reckless playboy caring little for his own health or safety. That was until his mother was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. Even with treatment, she’s still only looking at a few years. Mason was shocked, his whole life beginning to fall apart around him with the knowledge that his mother would be dying. After completely hitting rock bottom in a - thankfully minor - drunk accident on the road, Mason is now trying to turn his life around for her mother in her final years.

Other: N/A.
Model: Adam Levine
Tag 3 People: (this must be done at least on 1 of your auditions) @poopalicious @obliviation @emily-ocallaghan
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