I walked in. There were people everywhere. Mortals too. I walked to one of the tables in the back and sat down. I saw Posey come in. I thought it was Posey at least. She was wearing a mask. She sat at the table next to mine with Jake. Wasn't she dating or with Ashton? I brushed it off my mind. 

 She started kissing him. I looked away and fumbled with my fingers and tapped out the music on the table. 
 "Whoa, Posey." it was Ashton. Why did I care so much about other people's problems? Probably because I had none. I always messed it up. He started yelling. Jake started yelling. And Posey left, crying. I was going to go comfort her but, decided not to. It wasn't my business. 

 The two boys started fighting. I got up and got some synth. My life was so boring. I saw Poppy. I squealed. Finally! Someone I knew! 
 "Poppy!" I gave her a hug. "How are you? I haven't seen you in like forever!" We laughed, considering we had been alive for a while. Poppy walked to the bar.
 "I've been great, Stella! How about you? " the bar tender asked what we wanted. " Um... we'll have ..beers?" I nodded. I felt really close to her. Like a sister. We talked and talked. The party ended. We went to a 24 hour restaurant and talked and talked. 

 I forgot about Posey and her drama. About Ashton and all that crap. I just talked. I don't know how we had that much to talk about. Eventually we said our good-byes. I tipped the waiter and left.

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