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I am so sorry that I have been late!! I have been up to my butt in tennis, school, and social so I haven't even been on here! But @hazzaslittlekitten here you go dear! I am so sorry it is late but I made it extra special!Ugh. You hated going to parties for your mom's work. Usually the parties were small and at someone's house but this time you had a party that was at a ball. You hated getting dressed up and then going to some stupid dance where people are just going to tell you how mature you looked. Blah, you hated that. So after hours of begging your mom to not take you, you lost and your mom won. She through a big pink ball gown at you and said get ready. So you went upstairs and put on the dress with a pair of small silver heels. You put a fresh coat of paint onto your nails and you straightened your very curly hair. You looked in the mirror and you looked weird, you hated dresses and big pink ones to be more specific! When you got to the ball you looked around and saw nothing but old dudes and their wives. Not one other kid your age was there. A small man in a tux came up to you with a mask and said "dear, this is a masquerade you must be In costume" you sighed, took the mask and put it on. You walked around and grabbed a glass from the table next to you. The glass was filled with champange, your favorite. You sat down at a table alone while your mom talked to all of her doctor friends. You pulled out your phone and started texting your friend Y/F/N, You said: Omg please help me I hate it here, there is no one my age and literally I feel so alone, come get me. As you waited for her to respond you took a swig from your champange and asked the waiter for more. Hey if I had to were this dumb outfit I didn’t want to remember it.That was when a tall brunette boy walked over to you and looked into your eyes. " hello love, I'm Liam and I would love to have the next dance with you." He was so hot even though you couldn’t see his eyes that well through his black mask you could tell that he had chocolate brown eyes that matched his hair perfectly. "uhh, well… sure… yes I mean yes." you stuttred out the words and Liam took your hand and dragged you to the dance floor. As he wrapped his arms around your waist and you put your arms around his neck. The 2 of you slowly danced together and Liam said "Y/N, you are so beautiful and I don’t want this night to end." "Me neither Liam." You both leaned in and he planted a small tender kiss on your lips. He grabbed your hand and said "lets go" You were leaving the ball and you saw you had a text from Y/F/N. it said: Hey girl yay I'm gonna come get you and we can go to those hot guys house. You texted back: "don't worry about it, I found my own hot guy. You closed your phone and walked into Liam's car and you guys drove off.
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