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  • Mange Too
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    The sweet scent of chocolate and honey combined with skin-softening bananas and the melt-y abilities of Shea and cocoa butter equals one downright delicious massage. Glide all over your partner (or do some self-pleasuring and rub into your arms and legs), and find out how soft and smooth it gets the skin. We won’t blame you if you take a lick (and maybe a nibble, if it’s consensual); this one tastes almost as good as it smells.
  • Cosmic Dreamcatcher
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    Cosmic Dreamcatcher is brimming with essential oils of spiritual significance from cultures all around the world. Designed to help you deepen your meditational dream states, this massage bar is made with frankincense (used in prayer and meditation), sage to balance your spiritual energies and calming thyme. We like to use the Cosmic Dreamcatcher to relax and help us bond through massage.
  • Heavanilli
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    Skip dessert and head straight to the bedroom with Heavanilli. Or, skip dinner altogether and get to work with our decadent vanilla massage bar. Heavanilli will satisfy your cravings for a rich, vanilla bean dessert (and may even lead to other things!). The natural Shea and cocoa butters melt into the skin and release a jasmine, vanilla and tonka bean blend that will make you irresistible to your masseuse. Slip out of your clothes and into Heavanilli.
  • You Snap The Whip
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    It's black, it's fruity and it scrubs your skin really, really hard. You Snap the Whip and show your skin who’s boss with our blackcurrant-y exfoliation body butter in the extreme. When your skin has been very, very naughty get soaked in the shower and start your punishment; pumice and charcoal banish rough bits that make your skin look dull, and reveal the new skin underneath. Once the wickedly effective exfoliation is over, luxurious macadamia nut oil comforts to keep it soft and well behaved and scents you with fruity blackcurrant and bergamot essential oils.
  • Aqua Mirabilis
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    Give your skin an underwater shower massage with Aqua Mirabilis. Ground almond shells stimulate your bumpy bits and rub away dead skin cells to leave it soft, clear and smooth. Great for caring for dry skin, we make our Aqua Mirabilis body butter with a luxurious blend of cocoa and almond butters with just the perfect consistency to moisturize and sink in easily so your skin is left feeling silky soft, not greasy. For a finishing effect, beautiful sandalwood and rose oils calm redness and lend a gorgeous fragrance to the bar, and your body.
  • King of Skin
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    King of Skin is a solid body lotion to make your dry skin softer, smoother, and more flexible. Supremely moisturizing freshly mashed bananas and avocados are whipped into a luxurious, skin soothing base of oat milk and lavender. You’ll immediately notice the softening effect these natural ingredients have on the skin; and the best part is the effects last all day! Smooth onto wet skin just out of the shower, towel off – and you’re left with royally soft skin.
  • Hottie
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    Hottie is our go-to bar for seriously sore muscles. It’s specifically molded with bumps to enhance your massage with extra pressure. The rich jojoba oil and butter base melts onto the skin quickly to allow for a smooth, and sensual experience. We use vanilla absolute for its sweet, comforting aroma and because it's moisturizing for the skin and softening in combination with the shea and cocoa butters we blend in. And, for those who like it hot, spicy black pepper and ginger oils are warming on the skin, aiding in relaxing massage. Exactly what you need to get you going.
  • Friends with Benefits
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    Our very friendly massage bar comes with benefits, because it's chock full of marigold (tagetes) oil. Marigold oil is used in our skin care products (Charity Pot, Fair Trade Foot Lotion), not only for its lovely fragrance, but also because it helps keep skin calm, clear and comfortable. We chose Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and cocoa absolute for this tempting bar to make it smell extra chocolate-y. The only difficulty in using our melty bar? Deciding which friend to call first to use it with! When in doubt, call them both!
  • Chocolala
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    This sensual chocolate massage bar will have you going absolutely la la over its gorgeous scent and smooth texture. We love to infuse the sweet scent of violets into many our fresh handmade cosmetics (Tuca Tuca anyone?) and this massage bar is no exception! We make Chocolala with shameful quantities of dark chocolate (you’ll notice it’s the first item listed on the ingredients) and a lovely violet fragrance. The result? One of our most decadent massage bars ever.
  • Strawberry Feels Forever
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    Picture yourself in a boat on the river on a warm spring day. Suddenly somebody’s there with a massage bar, the masseuse with incredible hands. Strawberry Feels melts into the heat of your body, gliding along, moisturizing the skin and releasing the fresh, fragrant scent of yummy strawberries, hibiscus flower and coconut oil. It’s perfect for a morning or afternoon massage, and wonderful as a solid body moisturizer when you get out of the shower or bath.
  • Peace
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    In times of chaos, or when you're just having a bad day, this is the perfect recipe to settle your soul. The calming herbal scents of lavender and chamomile are blended to bring you a sense of peace. Inspired by the UK riots in 2011, we made this bar to make sense of all the violence. Peace combines four fragrances from our signature Synesthesia massage at our LUSH Spas: Acceptance, Forgiveness, Calm and Content; traits we could all benefit more from. Go on, give Peace a chance.
  • Soft Coeur (the Honeymooner)
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    Our soft-hearted, melty massage bar is designed for lovers and romantic trysts. Soft Coeur got its name from the delectable union of honey and chocolate in a soft center. You can break the heart in half to reveal the messy chocolate middle and melt it all over your favorite body to make him or her extra tasty. In fact, it's as good for your skin as it is for your relationship. Creamy cocoa butter, softening cocoa powder and almond oil condition your skin to leave it smooth while the honey chocolate scent makes your mouth water. Delicious!
  • Therapy
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    The doctor is in! Therapy is our restorative bar of wonder. In fact, it was our first therapeutic massage bar. What makes it so effective? First, it moisturizes with cocoa and shea butters to make skin softer for a smooth massage. All of the essential oils and butters in Therapy are certified organic too; lavender and neroil combine to give this bar a heavenly herbal citrus scent. Neroli oil gives you a feeling of euphoria, especially when you have someone massaging it into your shoulders. Imagine that. Give Therapy a try and you'll feel better in no time.
  • Buffy
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    Massage our Buffy body butter all over your wet skin in the bath or shower to make you softer and smooth to the touch, paying special attention to your backside. We add ground rice, almonds and beans to Buffy to act as exfoliants; the rough textures eliminate lumps and bumps and sloughs away dry skin cells to reveal brighter, fresher looking skin. Rinse off the exfoliating bits and pat yourself dry. There's no need for body lotion after a Buffy slaying session, because the cocoa and shea butters keep your skin beautifully smooth, moisturized and soft to the touch.

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