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Event: School && then cheer stuff @ Leesh's

Mood: happy, outgoing, and in charge!

Hair: up in a ponytail. curled.

Vincent's Art Class
March 9, 2009

"You have three more minutes, ladies!" Vincent trilled, holding his stopwatch in one hand and a paint brush in his other.
Massie expertly dripped some purple paint onto her collage.
They were working on mixed media collages, and Massie had decided to make one about 2009 Winter Fashion.
Of course it was turning out gorgeous. And eventually it would be hanging in GLU HQ, along with whatever Alicia, Kristen, Dyllie, and Claire came up with. 
"Time's up!" Vincent said, clapping his hands.
Massie crossed her thin arms. Art was boring. She pulled out her iPhone and texted Alicia.

MB: Dr.Juice b4 ur house?
AR: Def. I need a Calm&Creativity asap!
MB: I was thinking a Strength&Beauty.
AR: yummy. g2g Mr. Meyner is checking hw. :P
MB: ttyl :)

"Miss Block?" Vincent asked.

Oh darn. Caught.

"Yes, Vincent?" Massie asked, folding her arms and wiping the guilty look off of her face. 

"Miss Block, this is absolutely the most fabulous mixed media collage i have ever seen! It's divine. You have a real talent." he said.

Yess...home free.

"Thanks, Vincent." she said, rolling her eyes to show her adorers there was nothing important about it.
Afterall, she wasn't an art nerd like Meena&Heather, Layne's bffs.

The bell rang and Massie smiled as the other girls envy-watched her get up and walk out of the door.

"Ohmigod, Massie, your art project was so ah-dorable! Luvved it." Carrie, some ULBR (Upgraded Loser Beyond Repair) said as Massie walked to her next class.
"Thanks Carrie. Oh, and good luck trying out for marching band." Massie said, smiling in faux-innocence.
"Oh, I'm not trying out for marching band..."Carrie giggled.
"Oh, well then why are you tooting my horn?" Massie asked, glaring at her. Then she walked away, rolling her eyes. 
Maybe Leesh had the right idea. A small Calm from Dr. Juice might just be what she needed.
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three comments

Wrote 6 years ago
I would have rated 9.5, but a ponytail? really?
<3 dylann

Wrote 8 years ago
hawt! I say 9, the colors are perf for spring! :) <3 ya Leesh!

Wrote 8 years ago


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