[Hello lovelies!Starting this season wearing an outfit that is seen as MATCHY-MATCHY is not a fashion insult!I personally don't wear clothes that match perfectlly like in some of my sets but here on Polyvore,matching colors helps me find the balance that I need.Designers call it 'THE NEW HUE!' and it allows any fashinista to wear ONE COLOR head-to-toe,but with diffrent hues from the palette.It can be TWO COLORS or even THREE,just make sure it's still stylish.I might not sound so hard to make a set like this but that's where the challenge is.We will have 12 WINNERS,only 1 WEEK and UNLIMITED ENTRIES like always!Make it sweat!Muuuah!]

Created by hennie-henne. Created in Icecream Fashion!. 1,785 sets from 130 members. Ended 6 years ago.