Maternity Outfits!

  • Someday Needs Wheels
    "Someday Needs Wheels
    Shopping for a pram and a new car to accommodate their growing family." — @ophelia-swifte
  • After Work Essentials
    "Thread with Bell
    Getting the Operative prepped for the workload that she will be covering during Maternity leave!" — @ophelia-swifte
  • Coming Up Short
    "Coming Up Short
    Shopping for -flat- shoes with Orion in downtown London." — @ophelia-swifte
  • Someday You'll Understand
    "Someday You'll Understand
    A ruined dinner, ruined feelings but in the end, someone gets cookies!" — @ophelia-swifte
  • Stormsend: Little Talks
    "Stormsend: Little Chats
    That all important conversation between mum-to-be and godmum-to-be (hopefully?)" — @ophelia-swifte
  • Coming Soon!
    "Coming Soon!
    Pregnancy fears and concerns, shared with Maggie Parker over brunch." — @ophelia-swifte
  • Tranquility
    A relaxing afternoon in the aftermath of grief, spend with Rhiannon and baby Rylee" — @ophelia-swifte
  • You Were Loved
    "You Were Loved
    The most difficult goodbye to date; Malachi Reid's funeral." — @ophelia-swifte
  • Someday Moves Me
    "Someday Moves Me
    Baby's first kicks, hard enough so that daddy gets to share what mummy's been feeling for ages." — @ophelia-swifte
  • Sunny Afternoon
    "Sunny Afternoon
    Lazy, sunny afternoon picnic by the pond at Pentamerone Manor with Josie Shaw." — @ophelia-swifte
  • Workshop: First Aid
    "Workshop: First Aid
    New baby, new knowledge. Learning everything there is to know about first aid for grown ups and newborns." — @ophelia-swifte

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