Two Years Ago : Memory 

 I looked straight into her eyes as I heard footsteps coming closer to us with a hard thump on the floor in the background. My whole life depended on the choice I was going to take right know; going back to my nation with protection or staying with my true love. Her brown eyes seemed to tear, as I leaned against her body, and whispered slowly “Do not worry, I will try to solve the problem!” 

 The soldiers stood with fire bursting into flames and ashing towards their black concreted gloves, as they gave me a smirk and laughed loudly, like I was suppose to be a clown. 
 “Come back to the nation with your beloved father and we will leave the girl unharmed. Do you understand?” The captain yelled, as he stood in a fighting position, because the whole kingdom knew my personality, and I was a suspicious child with strange ideas, but amazing powers. 

 “Fine, but may I say something to her, before I leave?” I asked, as they all nodded and took a step back for some privacy. I'm a prince, not a hobo. She started to hesitate, as I held her hand and felt the trembling shake to the left and to the right. 

 She hugged me tightly, because she knew that this was going to be the last special hug. I can't believe I'm going through the pain of loosing my true love. She started to sob as I had to whip every delinquent tear, and I loved the feeling of touching her soft-pink cheeks. 

 “I can't loose you Zuko; your everything to me and I don't know what to do after.” She whispered, as she settled her body against mine. The soldiers rolled their eyes as they gave the disgusted look, but we both ignored the rude facial expressions. We couldn't stop breathing, but my anger started to flame against my warm-heart. I couldn't handle the fact that I was loosing my woman! She meant everything to me! 

 I screamed into a furious roar and threw a circled blast of fire into the captains face as it splashed a warm steamed feeling. The captain groaned as he reflected the fire and laughed evilly, as he commented “You B.i.t.c.h, battling the captain is leading you towards prison! Your father is going to be pissed!”. I ignored his retarded comment and battled him without any exception. He knew that the battle won't go on forever, so he captured Marley (Yes, I'm using my name) and gave shocked her with lighting fire. She moaned loudly, as the rest of the soldiers grabbed me from behind and the rest was a blind. I couldn't remember the rest. I looked straight into Marley's eyes, but she seemed to cry in bloody pain. I felt so stupid and conceited, because she has been going through so many conflicts, and I've lead her towards another problem. 

 I was sent into my mansion home with unpleasant greeting, as my father gave me a stern facial expression. 

 Reality Life : Mansion Home 

 Zuko woke up with a loud shrieking moan yelling “Marley! Come back to me!”. Zuko looked at the palm of his hands, as he noticed the fire receiving a high volume, because of his feelings. The bed was large and elegant, as his room made the crowd go wild (Sarcastic). He got out of bed, as he scratched his long-black hair and looked at himself in the mirror. 

 Zuko was a prince in the Fire Nation, as he was the enemy towards the water tribe. The whole world separated into broken pieces of land, and they were named as a kingdom, as war continued to appear continuously. Zuko was never allowed to visit the other kingdoms, but he once layed eyes with the most beautifulest girl in the whole world, but she was a water bender, but he ignored that and focused on her personality, as they fell in love instantly. That memory in his dream makes him receive hard-core chills. 

 He will always remember the feeling of touching her cheeks and whispering his promise, as he is still trying to find her.
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