feat. Youinque 

MAXSTEP MV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Au5fic4IqEs

I'm actually really impressed with this subgroup. I love that they made a dance group, especially with members like Hyoyeon and Henry who are very underrated within the company. It made me very excited to see since both of them looked amazing! Along with all the others ^.^ And some people who commented were saying that they should have included a member of f(x), but who would it be? 0.o I don't see any member fitting in with the concept, plus Hyoyeon as the only girl makes her shine more. And you can't even be "upset" that she is surrounded by five other handsome guys because she is just so badass and awesome! :) 

And while I really love the song, I do admit it sounds way too much like a TVXQ song -.- And of course if this was really a dance group, then why was the Music Video like any other? They should have spent less time and energy simply filming them dancing instead of all the single shots of them singing/rapping or just looking fierce. I was most excited to see the dance, so I was bit disappointed that wasn't displayed properly. 

And on a side note, was it just me or did the style of dance seem very EXO style? 

And we all know how SMent music videos are, boring with flashy lights, "fashionable" outfits, and the artists are trapped in a box. But as far as mv goes, I sort of liked this one. Or at least, it's one of the better ones in comparison to Suju's box ones. 

And last but not least, I have to admit something...

this music video made me very happy. 

It was weird, I got all excited again and I was fan-girling actually pretty hard. Even though there was nothing "special" about it. I guess SMent is pretty smart if it can still catch interests despite it's lazy MVs.
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