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  • Girly Elmo Birthday Party
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    "5-1-12: Well today was my mom's birthday! So I put together a little something, a breakfast surprise! I think I got up around 5 and baked a yellow's really good with tea!" — @frenchkitty
    Inspiring Kid Design and Baby Nursery Room Decor
  • Lauren Liberty Print Birthday Card
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    "And I also bought flowers yesterday, used it for a centerpiece at the table. I put up a banner as well, and used fancy tea cups. I thought it was really good, thankfully everything turned out fine! Yay!" — @frenchkitty
    Lauren Liberty print birthday card. Lauren Liberty print birthday card featuring a classic Tana Lawn fabric front and a blank inside for your personal message. This abstract floral print was designed in 2006, taking inspiration from Lewis F Day's design 'Dante'. The Lauren print has been in the Classics collection since 2008. Dimensions : 10.5cm x 15cm. Shop more from the Cards collection.
  • Мой радужный День рождения |
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    "So we all just enjoyed a quick delicious breakfast before we began our day! :)" — @frenchkitty
  • Instant Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cappuccino
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    "5-3-12: So we had a class party in English today, during the history CST testing time because we don't take history freshman year. It was really fun, everyone brought in different foods. I took the famous chocolate-dipped strawberries with" — @frenchkitty
    Instant Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cappuccino
  • Image Search Results for chocolate covered strawberries
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    "the help of Mommy! We woke up early this morning and made them fresh. And they were a hit, everyone absolutely loved them! (Oh and we also gave some to the cross walk lady, she's really nice!)" — @frenchkitty
  • Ryan Mallett is About to Have All of the Scantrons Ryan Mallett Will Ever Need
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    "5-4-12: Had CSTs this whole week. Went well I think. The school schedules are funky but it's fun to have something different. I think I did pretty good!!!" — @frenchkitty
    It has long been a mythical tale of Message Board lore...a tale with no substantiated evidence that it ever happened but, as most of these stories go, en
  • The Five-Year Engagement
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    "And in the evening, me & my mom saw this movie while the boys saw Avengers. Apparently Avengers was really big and popular. They loved it. I liked our movie too." — @frenchkitty
    Directed by Nicholas Stoller. With Jason Segel, Emily Blunt, Chris Pratt, Alison Brie. One year after meeting, Tom proposes to his girlfriend, Violet, but unexpected events keep tripping them up as they look to walk down the aisle together.
  • Фотограф Irene L (40 фото)
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    "5-5-12: My mom and I went to see my friend Monica's dance performance. She is a professional dancer. I've been friends with her for little more than a year and this was the 1st time I've seen her actually perform. She was really good!" — @frenchkitty
    1Хочу удалить +00x0 class=small_img src= >БЫСТРО +0 2Хочу удалить +00x0 class=small_img src= >БЫСТРО +0 3Хочу удалить +00x0 class=small_img src= >БЫСТРО +0 4Хочу удалить +00x0 class=small_im
  • dress, design & decor: wednesday night ballet...
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    "Her mom Susan and her grandmother were there too, so it was us 4 watching her. I really enjoyed it. Then we came back and had cake for Mommy's birthday again." — @frenchkitty
  • Home Page | UCI New Student Programs
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    "So her performance was in Irvine, and I fell in love with that area. Now I really want to go to UCI. LOL, just few weeks ago I wanted to got to school in Seattle." — @frenchkitty
  • strawberry weed
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    "5-6-12: Had a nice, relaxing Sunday. Did all the things I needed to, it was quite lovely. We all went to dinner though, to Souplantation. It was nice, we all ate pretty good, well, I know I did lol." — @frenchkitty
  • Red Brick Ohio Tudor Entryway 2 Original Pen and Ink with Pastel Overlay Wall decor 7.75" x 8.5"
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    "So I also heard that Muzzamil is coming on the 17th!!!! I am quite excited actually, and am not sure why? I guess I am just looking forward to someone like Nen 'n Mama?" — @frenchkitty
    I found this elegant Tudor entryway in the historic section of an older Ohio town. The dark red brick is capped with a lovely rosy slate and accented with roughly textured stone. This 7.75" x 8.5" piece was created using pen and ink with a pastel and colored pencil overlay. Commissions welcomed. Please feel free to contact me using the conversations tab above with any questions. For other architectural artwork and home portraits, aceos, gift tags, and bookmarks, please visit my shop.
  • - upload. share.
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    "^^^ This right here is an actual screenshot of a message he sent me right after Nen passed, and it really made me happy. My admiration and affection grew towards him right since then. I was very thankful when I received this, I still remember how I felt." — @frenchkitty
  • Quran
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    "5-7-12: I really need to get a move on here, seriously. It depresses me every time I think of the matter and its consequences." — @frenchkitty
  • Father Daughter Quote
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    "Today a girl named Hannah in my 1st period said how she gets to see her dad in 58 days 'n how she is excited. It hit me then that I really need to improve my relationship with Daddy. I want that feeling and that love to be there, it's all on me to fix it." — @frenchkitty
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower
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    "5-9-12: AHHHH! THIS BOOK IS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! I began reading it few days ago and it is really unique and interesting. I am almost done with it, it's quite a short read." — @frenchkitty
    The Perks of Being a Wallflower has 80,016 ratings and 6,377 reviews. Tatiana said: There may be a book in the world that can address, just within very few...
  • the perks of being a wallflower
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    "I am so sad though that it's almost over. I wish it went on because I loved reading so much! The book is really "cool"'s a series of letter the character, Charlie, writes to someone." — @frenchkitty
  • the perks of being a wallflower | Tumblr
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    "I love the way Charlie thinks and the way he is. I am in love with him! Yes, I know I am crazy, I have fell for a fictional character! But seriously, I wish I knew a "Charlie!"" — @frenchkitty
  • perks of being a wallflower | Tumblr
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    "It's going to become a movie soon, but I highly doubt I will watch it, don't want to ruin this amazing written book that I love so dearly!" — @frenchkitty
  • Cosmopolitan Editorial The 4 Most Basic Exercise Methods, January 1976 - MyFDB
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    "Ok so anyways, today in PE we had push up tests. I am to embarrassed to mention how many I did so I won't say haha. And my PE teacher told me after that she noticed Indian girls have really weak arms. I admitted that I do, because I know I do." — @frenchkitty
  • Personal Best - Warm-Ups Before Exercise - Many Methods, Little Research -
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    "But I thought it was odd of her to say. I wasn't really offended, should I have been? I don't know lol! Whatever, screw her." — @frenchkitty
  • Apartment by the sea and marina with swimming pools in gated private gardens
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    "Speaking of PE, next week we are starting swim! OMG I am so dreading it, I really so do not want to swim! One reason is because almost everyone knows how to swim, but I don't. Yes, I know, I am pathetic." — @frenchkitty
    L'Hort de Salomo apartments were newly constructed in 2005. This spacious, bright end apartment has triple aspect views of sea, mountains and pools. Fully fitted kitchen. Lounge/Diner with patio doors onto balcony. Hallway. 3 bedrooms. Bathroom en suite. 1 further Shower room. Situated on 4th/top floor with lift or stairs. Pretty landscaped gardens, pools and children's play...
  • Swimwear Swimming costumes
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    "And also because of the whole changing process! I would hate to change everything after getting all soaked, especially in the crowded girls locker room. Just no. I honestly don't know what I am going to do?" — @frenchkitty
    For the most gorgeous swimwear, visit New Look's online shop and you're sure to find something you will love!
  • Exclusive: One Direction singer Niall Horan shows off family album with never-before-seen pics of him growing up | The Sun |Showbiz|Bizarre
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    "I am BEYOND EXCITED for my 1D concert in June!!!!!!!!!!!!! So looking forward to it!! I need an outfit too! What am I going to wear? FIRST CONCERT EVER! <3" — @frenchkitty
  • Plant a tree in Ireland,Plant a tree in Ireland and your name will live forever.
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    "Oh did I mention, Ty won the election for sophomore president! So happy! :) Marinelle is vice...." — @frenchkitty
    plant a tree in Ireland and your name will live forever with Irish roots.
  • Ash Stymest
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    "5-10-12: O M F G! Today at lunch Me and Monica saw this super hot guy walking by! We've never seen him before! We concluded he was a senior and that he was new because of what we saw. Yes, we watched him. Yes, we are creepy." — @frenchkitty
  • undefined hope
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    "I suppose he looks like a mixture of these 2 lovely lads. So we thought he was a senior because he was with some girl and walked to the senior table and started shaking hands with the other guys. And plus, we have never seen him before." — @frenchkitty
  • SPACE ODDITY : 9 of 9
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    "And that's what we figured out about him..LOL! He was wearing a tank, a grey beanie, and had a tattoo on him back. They were words..wonder what they said? Oh well doesn't matter!!! He seemed like a sweet guy too! Awwww!" — @frenchkitty
  • The perks of being a wallflower image by heyheyhallelujah on Photobucket
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    "I just finished "Perks of Being a Wallflower!" I am quite sad because I really enjoyed reading it. I might read it again soon. Right now I want to start reading all Nen's books on her bookshelf. I need to read all those classics and also her fave books." — @frenchkitty
  • gaspard ulliel | Tumblr
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    "5-11-12: Haha so today was funny. So Symone told me she liked this super-cute sophomore guy. I've been wanting to catch a glimpse of him, and today I did! He IS cute haha! His name is Joseph McKenzie! Isn't that like the all-time perfectest name ever?" — @frenchkitty
  • Insanely Cute Guys ♥
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    "He looks kinda like ^ and wears glasses like <. Symone loves him and so do all these other girls I know. Let's just say he has a fan-base consisting of freshmen girls." — @frenchkitty
  • Elle kids girls pink swimming costume
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    "Nylah got to play in her mini pool today. Zain blew it up and set it up with the water and stuff, and he even played too lol. They both were in it and played. I am pretty sure she had fun...I know Zain did hahaha." — @frenchkitty
    Perfect for those summer get aways. This hot pink swimming costume has Elle branding on the front of the costume across the chest in pink with a circular print. Straps cross at the back of the costume. 80% polyamide, 20% elastane. Machine washable at 30*C.
  • picture this Art Print by Bianca Green Society6
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    "Oh and so Khaki n Haja came gets kinda tense between Haja n Khaki because Khaki gets sooooo mad when Nylha calls Haja "Mommy!" Nylah calls Haja that sometimes and Khaki gets soo mad!" — @frenchkitty
    Collect your choice of gallery quality Giclée, or fine art prints custom trimmed by hand in a variety of sizes with a white border for framing.
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    "To me, at times, it's kinda funny, I laugh at times. I suppose when you are a mother it hurts when your child calls some one else mom? Lol have not seen Khaki that mad in a while..." — @frenchkitty
  • pinkberry;;oranges
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    "After dinner, we all (Ammi n kids too) to Pinkberry! The Patels met up wit us too, well just Ruby apa and Zenab (Baba) was fun! We all ate Pinkberry and sat around at just relaxed...we got good seats by the fountain and the music." — @frenchkitty
  • pinkberry | Tumblr
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    "Then we just came back home...Haja n the kids slept over though...." — @frenchkitty
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    "5-12-12: Went to farmer's market today! The boys went some boy scout even..Scout-o-rama I believe? It was me, Haja, Ammi, n Naya. We went "dring-dring" too lol. I bought Ammi a pot of flowers with our 5 names' on it. And I also got Susan a mug n tea.." — @frenchkitty
  • Custom Crib Bedding Set YOU DESIGN in Blue, green and Turquoise --Choose your fabrics-Groovy Pool
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    "So that's it, it's official. I am swimming in PE. I bought a one-piece (to wear under my top n shorts) and new flip-flops and a new towel. This should be interesting." — @frenchkitty
    Choose any of these fabrics or send me links to fabrics you already love from somewhere else. Bedding Sets and Separates:
  • Mothers Day Images PowerPoint
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    "5-13-12: It's Mother's Day!!!!! Last night me n Zain just cleaned up downstairs and lit candles and put balloons...oh and brought all the gifts. Just now Susan n Micheal n Monica came over..." — @frenchkitty
    This powerpoint combines sophisticated elegance with passionate beauty. It uses an orange frame and a splash of miniature blossoms and winding green vines as decoration. The combination of colors and the effusion of greenery make this a mother's day powerpoint template that captures attention and expresses true mothers day celebration. | Slide 2
  • Easy Mother's Day Flower Arrangements
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    "They brought flowers and a gift for Mommy. I gave her my gift..well it was form me and Ammi. I think she liked it? Then they quickly left..and now I am finishing up a HW project and am going to go get ready and stuff..and clean my room a bit! Too da loo!" — @frenchkitty
  • Wicker Picnic Baskets Add The Right Touch To Any Picnic
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    "So everyone came..and we went to the park! Ammi really wanted to go. It was fun, I went on the swings (which was REALLY fun haha) and played with Nylah n Naya,...and I also took pics for my geometry project." — @frenchkitty
    Whether you're planning a picnic for you and someone special, or you're just taking a few friends up to the mountains for a few hours of food and fun, you're
  • please do not use
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    "I don't think Daddy enjoyed himself, I realized he doesn't enjoy simple things like that in life. It really made me think and got me all sad at the park. It's fine though, little things do that to me. But Mommy decided to just go and pull a chair" — @frenchkitty
  • Sitemodel icon by; »katieLOUiSE♥ Usee *♥
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    "and sit next to him. Wow! Did I tell you? They have been going thru "issues" again? I suppose you can say it's pretty bad, but I feel like it's getting better. I honestly don't know what to think!" — @frenchkitty
  • Thai Fried Chicken Wings with Hot-and-Sour Sauce and Salted Mango
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    "And we all came back...and had very good thai food! It's that place near Khaki's! It was so good! We all enjoyed it!! Mmmmmm....!!!!!!" — @frenchkitty
    Get Martha Stewart's Thai Fried Chicken Wings with Hot-and-Sour Sauce and Salted Mango recipe. Also browse hundreds more test kitchen-approved food recipes and cooking tips from Martha Stewart.
  • handmade fingerprint guest books
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    "The after dinner and Namaaz, they opened gifts! I had the kids do these ^ finger print trees (Micheal too) and I frmaed them...I also wrapped them and the kids gave the. Khaki, Haja, and Mommy loved the idea! I was really happy that they loved it!!! :)" — @frenchkitty
  • Gardening/flowers
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    "Ammi got lots of plants and gardening things...and some sewing things. Oh and she liked the plant pot I got was a pot of fake flowers with 5 big flowers with our 5 name on it! Yay!!!" — @frenchkitty
    Old Ice Cream Freezer
  • Swimming Pool pictures, free use image, 807-38-2235 by
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    "5-14-12: So we supposed to start swim today. Well we did, but I didn't go in the water. Only the sophomores did and some freshmen. I'm glad because it gave me the chance to observe and see how it all works. I am not so tense anymore....." — @frenchkitty
  • Flower Photography, Its Love 5x5 Print, Shabby Chic Photograph, Apricot Flowers, Pastel Peach Color, Summer Garden Photo
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    "Exactly 1 month 'til school is over....but sure doesn't seem that way...there is lots still going on and lots of work to be done!" — @frenchkitty
    Original Signed Fine Art Photograph. Title: Its Love. Size: 5x5. Other sizes available upon request. Printed on professional, acid free, archival paper that produces sharp details and lushious color. Taken and processed by me ©Elle Moss 2009 Have any questions? Contact the shop owner.
  • Blue Water Photography - summer ocean photography teal turquoise beach photograph aqua sea coastal wall seashore photo - 8x10 Photograph
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    "5-15-12: Swam today! Honestly, it wasn't that bad. I got into the beginners (which I knew)..the only annoying parts were my hair and changing after. I need to figure out what to do with my head of frizzy hair~" — @frenchkitty
    Blue Water Photography - Original fine art photograph in an abstract style of calming teal blue water gently flowing back and forth. TITLE: Wash Over Me SIZE: 8x10 This photograph is printed by a professional lab on premium quality, archival paper with a luster finish ensuring rich color and sharp detail. It will be signed by me on the back and shipped in a sturdy photo mailer to ensure its safe arrival to you. [ CHOOSE YOUR SIZE ] To order a different size of this print, use the links below. Don't see the size you want? Contact me, I'm here to help! 4x6 - 5x5 or 5x7 - 8x8 - 10x10 - 11x14 - 12x12 - 16x16 - 16x20 - 20x20 - 20x24 - 24x24 - 24x30 - [ DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE ON MULTIPLE PRINTS ] Save when you purchase multiple prints. Go here:
  • The Big One Striped Beach Towel
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    "We have lots of time to change, yay! Putting back on jeans was really hard! It was a pain in the ass because my legs were still kinda wet. I am with my friend Yvonne in level 1, but she really wanted level I felt kinda bad..." — @frenchkitty
    The Big One towels at Kohl's - Shop our entire selection of towels, including this The Big One Striped Beach Towel, at Kohl's.
  • Tumblr Logo
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    "5-17-12: I am now addicted to tumblr. I made an account several months ago but never used it because I did not know how. I do now and I love it!!!!!!! The pics are great and I love seeing all those 1D pics!" — @frenchkitty
  • 1036306-1024x768-cat-window-frame-blackwhite.jpg (JPEG Slika, 1024x768 piksela) - Skalirano (75%)
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    " Muzzamil's mom is here. And I was sorta disappointed when we didn't come because I thought he cancelled or something. BUT, he is coming on Saturday! So yay!" — @frenchkitty
  • 15 Cool High School, College and University Building Designs
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    "So today in biology, my teacher talked about this graduating senior who has been getting A's since freshmen year and how she is wickedly smart. She got into UC Berkley! I could never pull that off and I am happy for this girl..that I don't even know haha." — @frenchkitty
    If only more school buildings were as creatively designed as these 15, perhaps attendance rates would be higher.
  • 15 Cool High School, College and University Building Designs
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    "It was very discouraging in a way to me. The competition for colleges nowadays is so tough..I am freaking out! Can I even barely make it to a UC? I doubt it! But I hope so!!!!!" — @frenchkitty
    If only more school buildings were as creatively designed as these 15, perhaps attendance rates would be higher.
  • Smore image by liltuck89 on Photobucket
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    "So I just made s'mores!!! I've been craving them ever since I saw it on the Graham cracker box! LOL. They were really good, I used Godiva chocolate too! I made them on the stove! :)" — @frenchkitty
  • Ferris wheel photography carnival art summer midway county art for nursery - As seen in Redbook 8x8 photograph
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    "5-18-12: Interesting Friday! Today was Zain's school carnival, which I always loved! I quickly changed and ate after school and walked over to the school, Mommy was already there. I was supposed to do cotton candy." — @frenchkitty
    Ferris wheel photography carnival art Title: Nice Day For A Ride Size: 8"x8" Photographer: Carl Christensen [ CHOOSE YOUR SIZE ] To order a different size of this print, use the links below. 4x4 - 5x5 - 8x8 - 10x10 - 12x12 - 16x16 - 20x20 - 24x24 - 30x30 - 40x40 - [ DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE ON MULTIPLE PRINTS AND OVERSTOCK ITEMS ] Go here:
  • Fun Food Cotton Candy Maker Snow Cone Popcorn Machine Rentals
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    "But I didn't do the cotton candy at all! Kind of disappointed because I really wanted to do that. Oh well. I helped with the chairs and later in the carnival did churros and popcorn, food. We usually always do the snacks. A lot of people showed up." — @frenchkitty
    We are your source for fun food machine rental items and supplies for events and parties in the Maritimes
  • Childhood Memories
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    "And also, Sara khala and Ammi came! LOL. I had no idea. So apparently Sara khala was in the area so she stopped by, and since no one was home, her and Ammi decided to come to the carnival. Ammi enjoyed herself! :)" — @frenchkitty
  • Maxi-Matic EPM-250 Elite Tabletop Retro-Style 2-1/2-Ounce Kettle Popcorn Popper Machine
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    "Then soon Khaki and Nylah came. I think they had a good time? They left quickly though. And we stayed to clean up! It's weird I don't mind clean up unlike others who complain! It's kinda fun because you are working with everyone. I don't know....." — @frenchkitty
 Maxi-Matic EPM-250 Elite Tabletop Retro-Style 2-1/2-Ounce Kettle Popcorn Popper Machine: Kitchen & Dining
  • Vintage Hot Pink Carnival Tickets, Set of 25
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    "We left when everything was about done. Oh did I mention daddy came too? He did. So we got home and we all decided to go to dinner,that falafal place! And that was that. Then Daddy went to see a movie and Khaki and Sara khala left. So yah." — @frenchkitty
    This listing is for a set of 25 vintage carnival tickets. I love the hot pink color! These would be great in your mixed media projectsuse them on gift tags (see last photo for example of how I like to use carnival tickets), use them in scrapbookingthere are so many fun things you could do with these. You will receive 25 ticketssome will say "ticket" some will say "keep this coupon."
  • Ravenclaw's Eagle - The Leaky Cauldron
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    "I love Raymond Temple so much! I just love it! Every time I walk thru there I can remember all my days there. I saw room 23 and I could very clearly my 1st day of 3rd grade! WOW!" — @frenchkitty
  • Adventures in Reading - Vintage Books, Photograph, Antique, Teacher, Library, Education, School, Home Decor, Gold, Fine Art Photography
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    "5-19-12: Had a library orientation 1st thing in the morning today! I volunteered for some days for a few hours to work there this summer. Something to keep me busy, and I think it will be fun too!" — @frenchkitty
    The gorgeous golden spines of antique books grace the shelves of a Parisian library. TITLE: Adventures in Reading Size: 5x5" DESCRIPTION: This fine art photograph is printed by a professional lab on premium acid-free, archival paper, which has a luster finish. It will be signed by me on the back and shipped in sturdy, moisture-resistant packaging. I have many more Paris photographs to choose from:
  • Baskin-Robbins Nutrition Facts and Allergen Information
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    "I got so annoyed at Huzaifa today, like that is something new. He was all talking to them..and then to Muzzamil he's like "Oh yah we have JAF!" And I'm like...what the hell do you know about that? Like what, you haven't even know the guy for that long and" — @frenchkitty
    Look up nutrition information on Baskin-Robbins ice cream, cakes, beverages and other frozen dessert products
  • Diane Von Furstenberg Pebblestone Dessert Bowl & Spoon
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    "you are all acting like you do? Really? Since when did you know he loves JAF? All of you are probably reading this and thinking I am a pycho..(but I am so..) But you'll only get it if you know Huzaifa and how much I hate him. ANYWAYS~" — @frenchkitty
    This fashion-forward porcelain dinnerware has signature DVF style - bold, unique, modern. The highly glossed surface, intentionally irregular curves and exposed seams create a chic tablescape and offer infinite styling possibilities. Mix and match with other colors in the Pebblestone collection to create your own signature look. Porcelain. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Imported.
  • Metallic Sage Kraft Shopping Bags - Assortment
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    "Then Khaki and Haja with kids came of course. Just hung out....we all did our thing. Then me, Mommy, and Haja went for a quick mall stop. Mommy needed new clothes. She ended up getting a lot. And I bought a new pair of American eagle jeans and a blouse." — @frenchkitty
    Kraft paper shopping bags in solid colors at wholesale prices. See our complete line of retail packaging including tissue paper, boxes and gift wrap.
  • egg rolls Chinese Food
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    "Came back and we had Chinese food fro dinner. YUM. Everyone enjoyed that..then namaz...and a big basketball game (??)....and just hanging out...and now I am in my room reading magazines and typing this! :)" — @frenchkitty
    Photo of egg rolls for fans of Chinese Food submitted by glitter-pixie 24148175
  • KBL Silver City Aviator
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    "5-20-12: There was an eclipse today! had no idea until I saw on Facebook all these statuses about it haha. I looked directly at it, and I knew I was not supposed to it. After, my eyesight became dark, like everything was dark, but it went away. All good!" — @frenchkitty
    Classic metal double bridge aviator. Grey gradient distortion-free, shatter-resistant lenses. Italian acetate temple tips. 100% UV protection. One size. Silver. Imported.
  • 2 x One Direction Tickets Newcastle
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    "So I basically spent the day trying to sell my extra One Direction ticket. If I don't sell it, Mommy is coming and I didn't mind at first but now I want to go alone with Symone and Jade. So I am trying to sell it! No luck yet, but still trying!!!!" — @frenchkitty
    Selling 2 One Direction Tickets at The Metro Radio Arena on 10th April 2013
    Block A Row E (ONLY 5 ROWS BACK)
    email me if you have any questions
    ticket face value: £32.50
  • Kiss In Rain - Rain Romance
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    "5-21-12: So today Monica had her 1st kiss! Yay to her. She was texting all weekend with this guy named Mitchell. I know him, I've known him since 7th grade, we had few classes together. He's nice and all, a real charmer. I talked about it with Symone and" — @frenchkitty
  • fuck yeah kissing
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    "she said he's good at saying what girls want to hear. I guess he's right. So Monica is all for him now and they have a "date" this weekend. Kiss before date? Ok. Let's see how this goes. I just don't want to end up like last time but oh well she's happy." — @frenchkitty
  • Fashion Illustration
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    "At dinner today, the subject of prom came up. I know, odd. I guess Daddy was working last Saturday night (most prom nights) and he drove kids to their prom. he was so appalled at how they dressed, acted, spoke, just everything, that he told me I can't" — @frenchkitty
    Fashion Illustration Concepts for Retail Store TV commercial, Christmas 2010.
  • The Sketch Book
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    "go to my prom when the time arrives! He said he will take me wherever I pleased that night just not prom. He was serious too!! It's not that big of an issue,I just thought that was funny and something cool to look back on. I actually did want to go to my" — @frenchkitty
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    "prom because I hear you can't miss it! But then again that's just stuff from people's mouths. And I bet I won;t even get a date, if i did go, it would probably be with friends. Which I want anyways, screw a date. But yeah, it was interesting haha!" — @frenchkitty
    Rad in Ralph Lauren fall 2011
  • Get in the swim with free lessons Health and beauty
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    "5-22-12: I suck ass at swimming! Seriously, me and this other girl are the worst out of the whole period! I cannot maintain my face in water for that long, which has always been an issue forever, and I cannot kick! The 2 components to swimming! Epic fail." — @frenchkitty
    Teenagers, adults and older people can all benefit from free swimming lessons this summer.
  • Nickdrake™, The Smiths ah morrisey and those daffodils.
    More info
    "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MORRISEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
    You are an old man now haha. Look nothing like that young guy in the photo! LOL." — @frenchkitty
  • June 2012 Calendar
    More info
    "5-23-12: OMFG! I cannot wait 'til school is out. Well really, I don't mind school, I am just excited for the weekend of June 15-17th! I honestly don't mind school, that weekend just needs to hurry up and come! Oh we get out school the 13th! 3 more weeks!!" — @frenchkitty
    Free June 2012 Calendar
  • quesadilla
    More info
    "TELL ME THIS IS NOT ATTRACTIVE? OMFG! Me and my odd thing for guys who smoke. LOVE THIS TO NO END. I know you already know this, but, Zayn you are beautiful." — @frenchkitty
    i'm Maria and i like to blog?
  • Patagonia Respite Dress - Women's: Clothing
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "5-24-12: Muzzamil came today, he will stay with us 'til Saturday. I am getting so annoyed by the fact that Huzaifa "is all over him." Not in that way, but like well..I don't know ho to explain. I feel like he is replacing Mama and he wants to do that!" — @frenchkitty
  • Fuck Yeah The Universe
    More info
    "5-25-12: 4 day weekend has begun! Today after school I went to my friend Zehra's house. Stayed for a few hours + dinner. had a really good time, was there 'til late! Her other friend Aimen was also there, she is blind. She is very intelligent and wise." — @frenchkitty
    Because the universe is fuckin sweet. If you enjoy this site, anything is appreciated!
  • fuck yeah, rainbows
    More info
    "Very funny too and fun to talk to. I really admire her, her birthday is May 31st so I want to do something for her, have to think about that!!!!" — @frenchkitty
    Trippy Tree Thanks for the submission, bitch-im-blasian!
  • Cult Nails Enticing Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches
    More info
    "5-26-12: Busy Saturday! In the morning Mommy and i did nails (mani & pedi) and also eyebrows. We both are on our periods so we put nail polish too! Quite relaxing!" — @frenchkitty
    Cult Nails Enticing Nail Lacquer Cult Nails Enticing Nail Lacquer Cult Nails Enticing Nail Lacquer ($10.00 for 0.50 fl. oz.) is described as a “very sheer pale milky pink.” It’s also supposed to be “buidlable to an almost opaque finish.” It’s a soft pale pink with subtle yellow undertones. It’s semi-opaque after two coats with [...]
  • eye, eyebrow, eyes, eyeshadow, false, lashes inspiring picture on
    More info
    "Oh and after we went to this new place to do our eyebrows and upper lip. We usually go to the Indian place because we like that, but today we went to an Asian place next door. She thinned out the ends of my brows so much! I was sooooo mad. I told her" — @frenchkitty
    eye, eyebrow, eyes, eyeshadow, false, lashes - inspiring picture on on We Heart It / visual bookmark #24177058
  • Fancy Eyes?
    More info
    "867568576857 times to not make it thin, just clean up around it. But noo she goes ahead and make sit all skinny at the end. I mean it looks fine but I've never had that. A change to quick! She said "Oh yah yah, I know what you mean." NO. SHE DID NOT." — @frenchkitty
    A blog appreciating the art of eye make-up. You can submit your own pictures, or ask for specific...
  • ♥ Arab mania ♥: Eyebrow threading
    More info
    "Very annoyed with her and I hope she feels bad. Never going to her again. This is what we get for going somewhere new....but actually Mommy's was fine, she just screwed uo mine. Well not screwed up, just did not listen!!!!! SO MAD." — @frenchkitty
  • Morocco Casablanca Hassan II mosque Islamic pattern mosaic picture photo
    More info
    "Ok so wondering why we are doing all this pampering? We had an Ameen to go to, Safiya's. Aisha Khala's daughter. Yup, I came home, showered, straightened my curly as hell hair, and got ready! Very fast going day." — @frenchkitty
  • Islamic art, mosque of Paris by Zerolie | Muslim Community | Muxlim
    More info
    "The Ameen was at OC Masjid. Nice venue, perfect for an event like that. daddy didn't come; work. The whole Bh**** family was there of course + Muzzamil and his mom so it was quite a gathering. Nylah looked so cute in her little outfit!! So did Naya." — @frenchkitty
  • Liberty Art Fabrics Mark D Tana Lawn Cotton
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Hawa Mami came too, she came to our place yesterday actually. You know, it was a typical dawaat, meet, greet, chat. eat, kids....Nylah was handful. Safiya, Sakeena, Isa, & Junaid all prayed on speaker inside the masjid. They are all very good and SO CUTE!" — @frenchkitty
    Mark Tana Lawn from the Liberty Art Fabrics collection. Mark is a contemporary paisley, it was designed by Liberty’s in-house studio in 1999. This hand-painted pattern is based on Islamic calligraphy. It was included in the Classic Tana range in 2004. PRODUCT FEATURES: Name: Mark. Fabric Type: Tana Lawn. Composition: 100% Cotton. Roll Width 1.37m. Weight: 76g/sqm. Care: Hand wash / One wash (40°)
  • Quran
    More info
    "Nylah and Inaya were so funny inside the masjid LOL. Then we ate the ordinary Indian food and namaaz. One dessert was cake pops, OMG they were good, I had like 2-3. Ha. Zain won an ice cream coupon for answering a question about the Quran right. Very" — @frenchkitty
  • Islamic ornament - Lou
    More info
    "impressive...proud of him! So during this whole evening, the guys (who sat outside), they wer eplanning to go see a movie after. Nothing worked out and so they all ended up just coming over to our place. Omu, Muzzamil, Tariq uncle, and even William." — @frenchkitty
  • movie film border clip art
    More info
    "Oh did i mention Ammi did not come home, she went with Amma and them to stay a few days in Rialto. Everyone left here at like 1am, I stayed up 'til then and had to lock up and stuff. That was basically all I guess!" — @frenchkitty
    Movie Film Border free clip art, free border page frame camera borders movie film ticket hollywood cinema reel movies popcorn
  • Islamic Calligraphy, a photo from Usak, Aegean | TrekEarth
    More info
    "Today at the Ameen got me thinking too why didn't I have one? I finished few years ago. I keep thinking why I did not? Can't remember, did I not want one? All I know is I hope Zain has one and a very nice one too!" — @frenchkitty
  • Meenals Indian Fashions - Ladies Shalwar, Churidar and Anarkali Suits - XL, Plus Size
    More info
    "Oh let me tell you a funny thing that happened after we got back from the Ameen, I was changing undoing my hair, etc. And i was in the mirror posing still wearing my shalwar kameez! Like the typical model pose, hand on head and hip! And right" — @frenchkitty
    Meenals Indian Fashions is in Herndon serving Virginia, Washington DC. Latest affordable Indian fashions- Sari, Saree, Salwar Suit, Parallel, Lehanga, Tunics, Kurtis, Long Skirts, Girls Dress, Fashion Jewelry.
  • Antique Oak Furniture, Carved Furniture, European Furniture- Wooden Nickel Antiques, Cincinnati Ohio
    More info
    "then Muzzamil walked in! my door was open and he just came up! LOL it was funny! I wasn't really embarrassed, but the whole thing was just funny haha!" — @frenchkitty
    Antique Oak Furniture, Carved Furniture, European Furniture, Gothic Fruniture - Antique furniture at Wooden Nickel is a constant come and go. We specialize in furniture from 1830 through 1900, with a heavy concentration of 1870-1900. We carry a lot of large American pieces such as sideboards, bookcases, hall trees, tables, armoires and the like. There are also a few European pieces in inventory most of the time. If you have pieces you are thinking of selling, please get in touch.
  • Strawberry Photography Fruit Kitchen Home Decor Red Picnic BOGO 10x8 Print A Taste Of Summer...
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "5-27-12: Had a picnic at the park today! Very last minute, Mommy planned it. Susan, Micheal, & Monica came as well as some scout people. Nice day and we sure ate a lot! We also rented those bike-car looking things. it was fun to ride!" — @frenchkitty
    A Taste Of Summer... print size; 10" x 8" glossy or matt finish, with or without a border, just let me know what you'd like! thanks for looking! **professionally printed using archival quality inks and photo paper lasting over 200 years. prints are made to order, so please allow time for your prints to reach you.**
  • Sea Shell Photography - seashell photo beach wall art - white pastel peach neutral cream - coastal cottage seashore decor - 8x10 Photograph
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "5-28-12: Beach today at Haja's! Last minute again!! I tagged along with Khaki & them. Zain, Huzaifa, & Mommy didn't want to go, but they came in the evening for dinner at Haja's house. The beach time was lovely, breezy and sunny. The guys boogy boarded." — @frenchkitty
    Sea Shell Photography - Original fine art photograph of a "Spotted Tun" seashell resting on the beach. TITLE: Seashell Voices SIZE: 8x10 This photograph is printed by a professional lab on premium quality, archival paper with a luster finish ensuring rich color and sharp detail. It will be signed by me and shipped in a sturdy photo mailer to ensure its safe arrival to you. [ CHOOSE YOUR SIZE ] To order a different size of this print, use the links below. Don't see the size you want? Contact me, I'm here to help! 5x5 or 5x7 - 8x8 - 10x10 - 11x14 - 12x12 - 16x16 - 16x20 - 20x20 - 20x24 - 24x24 - 24x30 - [ DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE ON MULTIPLE PRINTS ] Save when you purchase multiple prints. Go here: [ SEE MORE... ] See more of my beach photography here: See more of my seashell photography here: Enter my shop at the link below to see my complete line of fine art photography. I specialize in calming beach and ocean photography, flower and nature photography in both colorful and pastel tones, bird prints including bird on wire photographs, seasonal prints and much more for your viewing pleasure! iPhone Cases featuring my fine art prints also available! ENTER SHOP >> To read more about me, my love for photography and why I'm a great Etsy seller to deal with, go here: See what my happy customers are saying here:
  • Deltona Seashells & Gifts - HOME
    More info
    "Khaki, Haja, & me were with Naya & Nylah, they played...we talked...ate a lot of snacks....very relaxing and enjoyable! We went back to Haja's place and they BBQed. I'm really not a beach person, but I just went to hang out...quite fun!" — @frenchkitty
    Large selection of seashells, starfish, sand dollars, sea fans, nautical decor, coral, air plants and more for weddings, craft and home decor use.
  • Keith Movie (2007), Download in DVD, DivX, iPod quality from "ZML"
    More info
    "Oh and I watched this movie just now, AMAZING! ONE OF THE BEST ROMANCE MOVIES EVER! It's not that popular, but it should be! It had Jesse McCartney in it, I forgot how much I used to love him few years ago! Great movie, must watch! YAY NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!" — @frenchkitty
  • Vintage Pastel Books Photography Print Pale Pink Mint Green Light Blue Light Yellow Wall Art Home Decor 8x12
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "5-31-12: Had an English presentation today! I dressed extra nice, new jeans and top! it was group, we did pretty good! I did most of the work. On the PowerPoint we got a B, and on the poster and A. I am mad Wish we gotten both A's! :(" — @frenchkitty
    "Collective Pastels" 8x12 Print A collection of vintage pastel story books. This print as an 11x14:

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