6 May 2012: Sets that Caught My Eye this Week


Wrote two years ago
Thank you sweetie :)

Wrote two years ago
It's like giving a child a camera and see the resulting pictures - you find out where their eyes go, which in turn reveals a little bit about the child. My sets tell you quite a lot about me too, all the more because I do a bit of writing to go with each one.
Art doesn't lie - people can pretend to be someone else in the digital community, but you can't fake the creations which sprout from your unique mind.

Wrote two years ago
@boobetty never occurred to me that the things I liked were like me :-). I enjoy seeing everyone's sets so much!

Wrote two years ago
An eclectic collection! It's got everything, and it reveals a little bit about you :)) - classy with a touch of warmth!

Wrote two years ago
thank you very much!

Wrote two years ago
thanks so much for including me sweetie!

Wrote two years ago
Thank you for adding my set!


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