May Is For - Mommies-All-Year!!!

Once You Give Birth to a Child, or have Accepted a Child into your Heart as Yours, You are a Mother for Life! Everyday 24/7 - 365 Days a Year... Even unto Death! May GOD Continue to BLESS All the Mothers Of the World and May We Continue to Do the Best Job Ever!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!


Wrote two years ago
Thank You Sweeties!! @ladyvegas08 & @lillibunneh ... I Think History Is a Beautiful Thing and when It's Your History, You Must Keep It Alive and Relevent so Someone Can Tell the Story Long After We are Gone... You Can't Know where You are Going If You Don't Know Where You've Been!!... Everybody Has a Story, Thanks for Listening to Mine!!! <3 <3 <3

Wrote two years ago
Beautiful history, thanks for sharing this <3 <3 <3 beautiful ladies too <3

Wrote two years ago
LOVE the family photos! Thanks for sharing your rich family history!

Wrote two years ago
Thanks So Much Ladies for taking the time to View & Comment on My Collection @knbpatty & @shortyluv718 !!! <3

Wrote three years ago
Wow!! Beautiful land loving mothers collection!! Love your family portraits, their fabulous to look at and read ;))

Wrote three years ago
I love these photos! Great nod to all the important people in life

Wrote three years ago
You're welcome! I'm the same way. I love learning about my history and my ancestors (^_^)

Wrote three years ago
Thank You So Much Ladies!! @dimij , @mz-happy & @modestyfashions (;D knowing Your Family History is So Important! All the elders have always LOved me because I always asked them a ton of Questions... Now the little ones are asking Me) !!!

Wrote three years ago
Amazing collection! I love the pics of your family.

Wrote three years ago
I Love this Collection!! Wonderful job...each set is Beautiful!

Wrote three years ago
Beautiful dedication to Mom`s!!

Wrote three years ago
Oh good will be some great history there ! Enjoy your Monday too :))xx

Wrote three years ago
tHANK yOU sOOO mUCH @lillibunneh !! I am going to try a right a little something about each Mom before the Month is Out... Thanks again for your Great Interest, Sweet Comments and Ongoing support, It Is GRrreatly Appreciated ... EnjOY Your Monday-Monday!!!

Wrote three years ago
I love it !!!! This is awesome ! Need to read more enjoy your day xxx


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