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[collab with my amazing randi @xshadesofblackx <3]


I stopped and blinked my eyes a few times at the house in front of me. It looked a lot bigger than I remembered but it made sense, the first and last time I had seen it it was night and I hadn't exactly paid too much attention to details. What if that was the wrong house? That could be fun, I'd pretend to be a girl scout who sold cookies to get money to cure injuried squirrels or something like that. Too bad I wasn't wearing a uniform.
I pushed all my silly thoughts out of my head and walked up the few stairs that separated me from the door, taking a deep breath as I raised my fist to knock. That was a stupid idea. It was like little red riding hood going to her grandma even if she knew that the wolf replaced her.
"Kris?" Romeo questioned, raising one eyebrow as he opened the door and looked at me.
"No, Santa." I said flatly, staring at him and ignoring how incredibly good looking he was with his messy hair and the expression of someone who just woke up, "Were you sleeping?"
He rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand and shook his head, "Not really...just relaxing." He explained, yawning in my face. Such a gentleman.
"I didn't mean to interrupt your relax, I can go." I said quietly, shrugging as I folded my arms over my chest. All of a sudden spending the rest of the afternoon at home alone didn't look so bad like it did earlier.
"No Kris...I'm glad to see you." He said hurriedly and smiled, pausing as his brows furrowed again, "Wait. Why are you here?"
"Don't worry, I don't insult people on the days after Christmas." I smirked and tried to joke, still feeling bad about the last time I saw him...and the time before too.
"So?" He gave me an amused look, leaning against the doorframe as he crossed his arms against his chest. "That wasn't an answer."
I flipped my hair back with one hand, playing it cool, "You're my good deed of this Christmas. I thought you were alone and it was kind of depressing."
"Your good deed, uhm?" He smirked, raising one eyebrow at me.
I ignored the look on his face and cocked my head to the side, "Are you inviting me in before I could change my mind?"
"Of course.. I'd hate to let you catch cold either." Romeo smiled, stepping back so I could come inside. The door closed behind me and he ran a hand through his hair.
I looked around as I undid my jacket. It was exactly like I expected it to be...huge but almost empty. I guessed it said a lot about him. "It's nice.. Your house."
He chuckled, his hand dropping back to his side, "You don't have to be so kind, Kris." His gaze followed my same line of gaze to see plenty of boxes still unpacked and the bare minimal of furniture in each room.
I shrugged, not wanting to be too rude. "It is pretty sparse." Slowly I started forward, not waiting for me to show me around, that wasn't a museum and I didn't need a tour guide.
His hand brushed my arm as he came to stand beside me, "I just haven't gotten around to unpacking everything."
"Why? Waiting for the right moment to pick up and move in the middle of the night?" My brows arched but I smiled, once again trying to not sound like a total b.itch. "Still in your musical gypsy ways. You aren't on tour anymore, Romeo. You can unpack and relax."
A true smile actually crossed his face, "Thank you, Kris, for those kind words. I will set to unpacking straight away."
I blinked, realizing he was teasing, and gave his arm a shove, "Romeo.. Show me the rest of the house.."
"Right." He looked around then back to me, "This is the livingroom and you came into the foyer.. There is also the diningroom and beyond that the kitchen. I also have a backyard with a patio and pool. Not that the pool is very useful right now." He shrugged his shoulders, his hand lightly resting on my elbow as he showed me the way. And I definitely wasn't feeling my body get on fire just because of his minimum touch.
"I want to see the pool." I said turning my head lightly to glance at him. 
He stopped and raised one eyebrow at me, giving me a questioningly look, "Why the pool?" 
"I'm not interested in any other part of your house." I shrugged and crossed my arms against my chest. Okay maybe I was a bit curious about the first floor...but it was a dangerous zone, I was sure. 
He grinned, cocking his head to the side, "Not even the bedroom?" 
"Romeo." I groaned and for I moment I was tempted to play the b.itch again, then I decided that he didn't deserve that. Not yet though. "You should know I don't like doing it in the bedroom." 
He let out a small laugh, shaking his head, "Yeah I remember that." 
"I'm impressed." I said casually, heading to the room that seemed to lead to the patio. 
"I don't remember you liking doing it in pools though." He said from behind me, placing a hand on the small of my back and sending a shiver through my body. His touch was like electricity to me and despite how much my brain did its best to ignore that signal it was still pretty hard. 
"I did and i still do." I opened the door and walked toward the empty pool, looking at the backyard which was really nice. "But only when there's water in. Too bad." 
He smiled, ignoring everything was surrounding us and staring at me, "You're such in a great mood today, aren't you?" 
"Christmas has this effect on me. But I'm sure it won't last too long." I stuck my tongue out at him before walking to the other side of the pool and stepping down its stairs. It had to be pretty deep when full of water. I looked up at Romeo and chuckled, "Aren't you coming in?"
"Yeah, of course." He headed for the edge of the pool and followed me down the steps, not taking his eyes away from mine.
"So easily led now, Romeo. Anything else I could guide you to do?" I smirked a bit, walking backwards along the tiled floor pool.
"Depends.. What do you want from me, Kris?" He asked quietly, reaching out to brush my strands from my face, his fingertips skimming along the side of my face in way that hadn't changed during the years.
"What are you offering?" I returned, shivering slightly from the cool air that passed by in a breeze. Or more probably from his touch.
"Do you often speak in riddles? I offer everything to you.. That much hasn't changed in the years gone by." He told me, grabbing my arm when I nearly stumbled over the dip that was the drop off to the deep end of his pool. He held me close for the moment, stumbling into me with the motion. I was positive that my subconscious had forced my brain to let me lose my coordination so that I could end all over my charming ex boyfriend. His hard muscled body was quite near mine as he looked down at the me, holding us both steady after the stumble. 
"Be careful, you were about to squash me up against the wall." I wrinkled my nose, tilting my head up to look at him as I stood motionless against him, my hands clutched at his sides without I didn't even realized it. There was no need to feel nervous, I had slapped him the last time he had tried to kiss me and I was sure he was smart enough to not try again. He smelt so good though. It made me want to nuzzle against his neck and lick him. But I wasn't a cat, so I kept a straight face.
"Way to thank me Kris." He smirked, the hold he had on me getting loose but his arms still lingered around my body. "I saved you."
"From what?" I raised one eyebrow at him, biting back a smirk, "It's not like I was going to stumble and fall on my"
He grinned from ear to ear, holding me tight again as he kissed the top of my head, "You're too silly." He said quietly.
I took a deep breath, thinking about things that could distract me from how much I was attracted to my dad. Ew. I tossed my head back, blinking my eyes at him, "You're squeezing me too tight." I said deadpan.
He rolled his eyes and groaned as he pulled away from me, "You're boring."
I smirked, reaching for the sleeve of his shirt and giving it a tug, "Make me smoke and I'll become more fun." I shrugged, turning to him as I walked backwards, dragging him out of the pool.
"Mmm.. I see." Romeo nodded, climbing out of the pool by the other ladder.
I glanced over my shoulder, already knowing where his eyes were, "Stop staring at my, Rome."
He blinked, getting caught, "I was not!" He smirked, heading back inside the house. We walked to the livingroom and Romeo brushed past me apparently in a hurry to clean his coffee table...even if it still didn't make sense.
"You weren't looking at my eyes..." I sat on the couch and ignored his housewife moment, looking around, "The room is really plain.. Maybe you should get a couple paintings. You always used to have artwork or posters in your room."
"Maybe I've changed." He spoke as he sat beside me, opening a not so little bag of weed.
"Not that much.. Just getting lazy." I said casually, focusing more on the smell of joy than on his silly words.
"Right.." His long fingers spread the weed along the paper then rolled it, skilled from years of practice I was sure. Lifting it to his lips to seal the edge he reached into his pocket for the silver zippo, which once was mine, to spark it and took a slow drag to start then he passed it to me.
I took it from his fingers, bringing it to my mouth to inhale deeply as I glanced at him, "That's no good." I said puffing out the smoke with my words.
He grinned, shifting against the couch as he turned his body to mine, "Is your room still full of my posters?" He asked visibly amused. That wasn't even fun.
"First of all..." I paused to take another drag as I stared at him, "I never had any poster of you in my room."
"But you had pictures." He said before I could go on. "Don't even try to deny it."
I bit back a smirk, glancing away to not get caught in my lie, "You must have the worst memory ever."
He leaned into me, dropping his hand on my knee and squeezing it gently, "And you're the worst liar ever." He smirked once my eyes met his again.
"Will you ever be quiet?" I asked faking him a smile.
"I would if my mouth was busy." He said as a c.ocky grin spread on his lips. Was he hitting on me now? Or what? Or the smoke was already hitting my brain? Or I was overthinking and he was just being silly? Probably the latter.
"That was lame." I chuckled and took my hand to his mouth, letting his lips wrap around the joint as they brushed against my fingers. He stared at me as he inhaled the smoke, there was something about him...I couldn't even explain it, it wasn't just how good looking he was. Whatever it was, by the way, I couldn't help staring back at him. Romeo wasn't looking away either and one of his lopsided smiles appeared on his gorgeous face, his hand moving to my knee as he leaned in. "What are you up to?" I whispered softly, already affected by him being so close.
He shook his head, not being his usual mouthy self but then he pressed his lips against mine. I gasped and he used the moment to pass the smoke, his free hand going to hold my own.
I pulled back, exhaling the smoke through my nose, "Dirty pool, Romeo. Stealing kisses like that." That was silly and childish. But I loved it.
He chuckled, squeezing my knee as he blew out the extra smoke to the side. "I was just...sharing. Weed promotes sharing. It's caring, Kris." He winked at me, running a hand through his dark hair.
"Cheater.." I muttered, taking another drag before passing the joint back to him.
His hand still held mine as he took the joint with the other, regretfully letting go of my knee but smiling wide probably because of the weed. "I never cheat.. Honest Abe all the time."
"If you say so." I said quietly, leaning my head against the couch as I kept looking at him like I was hypnotized, or more likely I was just high. I didn't really know though if I could blame the weed for how still attracted I was to him. I could blame it on his eyes, that didn't want to leave mine, on his hand, that held mine stubbornly, or on his lips, which still adapted perfectly against mine.
He raised one eyebrow, taking one last drag before leaning over the coffee table to put the joint out into the ashtray, his head not following his body as he kept eye contact, "Don't you believe me?" He asked quietly.
I smirked and folded my legs under me as I rolled onto my side, "I did. I don't know about that now."
He leaned against the couch, his free hand dropping on my thigh and causing my body to tense without I could even control it. "But you're heare, it must mean something." He reasoned, his thumb tracing circles against my leg and making it hard to focus.
"It means that I ran out of weed and I was sure you had some." I said trying to keep a straight face but I didn't even manage to end my sentence without starting to giggle like a three years old kid.
"Is that why you're here? Thanks for breaking my heart." He said in a tone of mock offense.
I grinned, squeezing his hand in mine, "The truth hurts."
"You always get such a kick out of hurting me." Romeo commented as he looked into my wide eyes, opened more in shock, tracing slow circles with his thumb as his hand moved higher along my leg, watching my expression.
"I would never do such a thing.." I started then bit my lip, remembering that I had been cruel a few times. For good reasons though. "Wait.. Maybe I did like torturing you a bit when we were teenagers." A couple giggles slid past my lips and I felt sixteen again.
"You made me work for what I was able to get from you." He tugged lightly on my hand, pulling me a bit closer to him.
"You were sneaky back then. Stole kisses just as often as I gave them to you. Far from romantic." I tipped my head, a hint of a smile on my lips to show I was teasing. He actually was really romantic back then and I had never had a single reason to not be happy about us, everything was just perfect.
"I didn't hear any complaints.." He arched a brow, his own smile lingering as his eyes dropped to my lips.
"Mmm.. What are you staring at?" I asked softly, ignoring his comment as my hand dropped on his that had come to ride rather high on my hip.
"You.. As if I could look at anything else when you're in the room." He spoke just as quietly, his eyes lifting again as he drew me closer, his knee bumping against my leg as he turned more into me.
"Are you being all cheesy like your songs again?" I whispered, looking at him through my lashes as a smiled lingered on my lips.
"Who's talking too much now?" He asked as he moved our hands behind my back to push me against him.
This time I didn't pull away, loving too much the warmth of his body to even move. "You're saying that just because it's just you and me here and this room is almost empty." I ignored his comment, speaking slowly. Our lips were so close at that point that it was hard to talk without brushing them together.
"Let me take you out in a crowded place and I'll show you how it won't make any difference." He said seriously and for a moment I wished we could really do that. I didn't even feel angry anymore, just sad. That was the bad part about smoking, I could get really silly and happy or slide into a dumb gloom.
"I don't like crowded places and I have no intention to go anywhere for the next few hours." I said stubbornly and forced myself to smile, even if I hadn't asked I knew Romeo wasn't having the usual Christmas holidays which everyone else had and I was determined to make things better for him for at least an evening.
"What do you want to do?" He smiled and his mouth was basically against mine.
That would lead to kisses and then s.ex, I knew that just as I knew I couldn't let it happen. Even if at that moment I really wanted to. "I have an idea." I chuckled, turning my head to the tv.
"I'm not watching a chick flick with you Kris." He raised one eyebrow, looking at me with an amused expression on his face.
I tilted my head to the side to nuzzle his neck, the smell of his skin taking me back to an old time, "Too bad, I would have cuddled you."
He let go of my hands to wrap his arms around me loosely as he glanced down at me, "Really?"
"No." I grinned and I got up, "I want to play videogames."
He ran his hands down my sides and looked up at me, "One condition. We're playing guitar hero."
I smirked even wider as I set my hands on his, "I'm ready to kick your"
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