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Name: Charles 'Charlie' Leon
Made or Born?: Human
Age: 27
Job: Soon to Inherit Camelot Casion&Club
Bio: Known primarily as the kid who ran away to Vegas, he set foot there over ten years ago. After a nasty split between his parents, he hopped a plane and set off for the great perhaps of Las Vegas. His Uncle Henry Leon was an Established Casino Owner for many years. Henry, who later was almost offed by a rival casino, not only trained Charlie but went on to make him the inheritant of his millions. As it stands today, he's in no state to run a company instead Charlie does it for him. What the public doesn't know can't hurt them right? Camelot, named as a tribute to the Kennedys and JFK himself has grown into an empire for the wealthy and infuential who pay to be sure that what happens in vegas...stays in Vegas. As Henry losses his grip on reality, will the heir to his throne become just as crooked as he is? Trying any way possible to get ahead or will he realize that maybe his best option is to run home with his inheritance instead of paying the price of secrets? And will he finally figure out about his superhuman competition?
Extra: Anything Else you want me to include?
Model: Joshua Bowman
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