Ophelia "Phoenix" Drewmoore
{The Gossip Girl}
Sixth year of Hufflepuff
ancestry; Hungarian and Swedish Half-blood
model; Clara Alonso
mirror of erised; Phoenix may be on top of everything, but she's hardly ever in it. Her heart's desire is to be the "it" girl, to be the one everyone loves to hate, and all the stories are about her.
boggart; Phoenix is insecure about money, not because she doesn't have much, but because she's afraid to lose it. She sees her family - - who she really loves - - in rags and dirty, obviously out on the streets.
patronus and the memory used to conjure it;
wand; 9 and five-sixth inches of holly with dragon heartstring core
style of dress; Phoenix is a very preppy girl. Her color scheme is the basics: pinks, purples, blues, and florals. The pieces she chooses are a bit on the muggle side but very befitting her personality.
status; Ophelia is the girl you go to whenever the latest news is needed. No one knows how she gains information on //everything//, but there's no denying she's accurate and on top of it. While that does get her up the social ladder, many dislike her because of how much she knows about them. Let's just say it's easy for Phoenix to blackmail people.
biography; Eldest daughter of an important member of the Ministry and well-known reporter of the Daily Prophet, people often assume Ophelia, nicknamed Phoenix by her peers at Hogwarts because she doesn't like her real name and always wanted to go by something fun, has pranced around in the lap of luxury her entire life. Truth be told, her childhood was anything but easy. Her father was jobless. Her mother was barely scraping by with the weekly articles she was allowed to write. Things were hard for Ophelia and her younger sister. Their father, a Muggleborn, had them go to a muggle primary school before Hogwarts to help them get 'educated,' but the magic that sparked off them always caused trouble with the other students. Ophelia was the object of much ridicule until she left that world behind and entered her beloved school. Choosing to blend in her first few years was the price she paid for the torment. But now, as she's finally feeling comfortable in herself again, she can't but wish she was noticed. Is it too late?
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