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the selection

ergh.... this set... :( 
but frida's gorg

i realized that i never created an intro/sample audition set for janie :) 
here it is. 


name-- jane eloise harper 
age-- nineteen 
caste-- six
known as-- the dark horse
likes-- not having to clean, the pearl necklace given to her by her mother, getting dressed up, the smell of vanilla, her supporters, old movies, cheese, running, getting lost, violins 
dislikes-- liars, leaving carson behind, shellfish (she’s allergic to them), people who treat the maids like dirt, fakes, alcohol, being here (but she’s putting up a good front)
personality-- most misread jane when they first meet her. they automatically assume she’s another cold, emotionless girl who thinks she’s above everyone else. in all actuality, jane’s an absolute sweetheart who’s lived a hard life for the most part. she doesn’t take anything for granted and although she recognizes the opportunity being presented to her, jane’s a little hesitant to warm up to it as quickly as other competitors have. most are worried that janie’s insecurities will get the best of her in the end.
appearance-- jane looks delicate with her classic features, skinny body and fairly average height. usually her hair is done up in some simple manor. she isn’t a big fan of dressing over the top, like some of her other competitors. 
model-- frida gustavsson

• jameson harper-- jameson is absolutely insane. an inventor at heart, mr. harper has created a few wacky cleaning creations during his lifetime. although most of his inventions have turned out to be complete failures, it’s the few successes that keep him motivated. of course jameson isn’t a fan of the whole selection process, never mind the fact that his daughter is in the running. he’s just hoping that his daughter doesn’t make any foolish choices while she’s there. 

• marge harper-- marge’s a b-tch. no, really she is. despite having three children and a loving husband, marge has never really looked at them like a mother/wife should. she’s always been so caught up in herself, wishing she was in a better caste than six. marge spends outside her means, trying to come across much fancier than she already is. perhaps that’s why she pushed her daughters into the selection and why she’s living vicariously through her daughter, jane. 

• harrison “harry” harper (seventeen)-- harrison’s a peach and plays the part of the brother very well. he’s protective of his sisters and his family with a reputation of using his fists to defend his honor. harry’s a bit of a wildcard at times, with more than one incidents with the government. we can only hope that his past doesn’t interfere with the selection. after all, nobody wants an in law with a criminal record... 

• cynthia “cyn” harper (sixteen)-- jane’s youngest sister is absolutely jealous at the opportunity her sister is getting. she hates the fact that she wasn’t selected and can’t help but think she’d fair so much better in the competition than her sister ever will. despite her feelings, the youngest harper sister is supportive of her sister...even if she is cursing her with every house she cleans...

bio-- the second it was announced that jane was one of the selected, a couple of hearts broke. her father’s was the first, her brother’s was the second, and her boyfriend, carson’s was the third. carson and jane were in a secret relationship that nobody (not even their parents) knew about. she wasn’t even planning on putting her name up to being selected until they all began to question why jane was so against participating. janie’s gained some popularity from the public eye due to her relatable background, sarcastic sense of humor, sweet nature, and habit of being surprisingly honest. that being said, we all wouldn’t be surprised if that turned out to be her downfall.

taken by-- little-miss-rae

• Please tell us a little bit about yourself-- your caste, the providence you grew up in, and even your family. 

Hi, hello. My name is Jane Elouise Harper and yes, I did in fact just say my middle name. I’m from the sixth caste so I clean for a living. No, I won’t make any witty puns about cleaning up something... that’s just tacky... and really not funny. I come from the providence of Rosewood. It’s okay if you haven’t heard of it. I’m pretty sure only people from Rosewood have heard of Rosewood... 

You want to know about my family though? Oh dear... can I skip that question? No? ...Delightful. Well, my dad’s an inventor of cleaning products. Has he made anything you’ve heard of? God, no but he tries... ‘a’ for effort, I suppose. My mom cleans a lot, maybe you’ve seen her around? Okay, you probably haven’t. I also have a brother and a sister, both younger than me. 

• How do you feel about The Selection process? Are you excited, tell us what you think. 

Uh, I’m nervous about it. I didn’t actually think I’d get selected. I know you must’ve heard that a million times over but it’s true. I think one of the things I most excited about is not having to really clean. Arguably it’s in the top five of all of this. 

• What makes you different from the thirty five other selected contestants? Do you stand a 
chance of stealing the Prince’s heart, do you think you’ll fall for him?

What makes me different? Does making bird sounds count? I am pretty swell at that, if I do say so myself... I honestly don’t know if I’ll have a chance at ‘stealing the Prince’s heart.’ We’ll have to find out, I suppose. Who knows? Maybe he’ll fall desperately in love with my bird calls...


“Today’s the day,” Carson murmurs as he kisses the top of my head.
His thumb traces light circles on my hand. 

I exhale quietly, “I know.” 
My head is resting on his shoulder, our bodies close. 

We had both tried to avoid today with various methods;
- not talking about it,
- not talking about it,
oh, and by
- not taking about it.

“Odds are that I won’t be picked,” I try to comfort him, comfort us. 
I pull his sweater close to my body, the one he always let me borrow. 

Carson runs a hand through his hair and sighs.
“Janie... we have terrible luck and you know that.” 

We do have terrible luck.
Oh dear lord, we really do. 

“Come on, Car” I nudge him as I sit on his lap. 
“We’ve got to stay somewhat positive about the situation.” 

That makes him laugh.
“Oh, is Miss Pessimistic giving me lessons on positivity?” 

I roll my eyes. 
“I never said I was perfect,” I remind him and he kisses me.

God, I don’t want to leave. 
Please don’t have me leave. 

When I kiss him back, I can’t help but think -- 
maybe I could’ve stopped this.

Maybe if I had just told my parents about Carson and I, 
I would’ve been excused from putting my name in the running. 

But that’s the thing, 
I didn’t. 

We both kept our mouths shut and hoped for the best. 
Now here we are with our fingers crossed and a bunch of maybes on our minds. 

“What are you thinking about,” he asks cautiously.
I faintly smile at him when he pulls me close to him, nearly cradling me. 

“That I really don’t want to leave,” I admit. 

Carson returns the same smile to me and nods his head.
“I was thinking the same thing,” he murmurs and intertwines his fingers with mine again. 

He tilts up my chin to look at him, 
something that is much harder to do than I would’ve imagined. 

We really don’t have to say anything to each other
and if we did, odds are that neither one of us would know what to say. 

My boyfriend kisses me, reminding me why I would want to be in caste six with him for the rest of my life. 
Things are about to get a bit more intimate when the front door opens and immediately, we jump off of each other. 

“Jane, you won’t believe the b-tch of a client I had,” my mother seethes as she stomps into the room until she notices Carson sitting next to me.
“Oh... Carson...,” she sighs and tries to regain her grace. 

He presses a smile and politely nods at my mother.
“Afternoon, Mrs. Harper.” 

She faintly smiles before narrowing her eyes at me. 
“Janie, you never told me that Carson was coming over.” 

“Sorry,” I apologize. 

Her eyes zone in on my sweater.
“Isn’t that Carson’s sweater?” 

“Hm?” We both ask, mentally beating ourselves up for not paying attention to the details. 

“It is,” I nod. “I was just cold and he leant it to me.” 

My mother nods her head but if I know her like I believe I do, she really doesn’t care. 
“So as I was saying,” she sighs and confirms my theory. 

We both attempt to listen to the sound of my mother’s voice but we’re both too aware of the other. 
(It also happens to be a much better option than paying attention to her.) 

Thankfully, we’re saved by the sound of everyone else coming home. 
My younger sister, Cynthia, collapses on the couch next to Carson, reeking of some cleaning product. 
My brother, Harrison, is dirty, presumably from a day’s worth of yard work and my dad walks up from the basement, still wearing his old miner’s helmet. He likes to wear it when he’s working on a new invention. 

“My new client’s daughter is a babe,” Harry proclaims as he sits next to me, squishing me incredibly close to Carson. 
(Not that I mind.) 

Cynthia and I both roll our eyes. 
“Real classy, Harry,” she smirks. 

He ignores her remark and turns to my boyfriend, the one nobody knows about.
“Carson, you should’ve seen the legs on this girl.” 

“Wow,” he nods, trying to play along with my brother. 
“That long?” 

“I have one word for you: d-mn,” he winks and the two high five... right in front of my face.

The door bell rings and I’m quick to clear my throat as I leap to my feet. 
“I’ll get it,” I call back to anyone who’s actually listening. 

When I open the door, I find myself coming face to face with a representative from the castle. 
“Jane Harper?” He asks as he quickly looks at me from the top of my head to the trip of my toes. 

I nervously glance back at my family.
“You’ve got her.” 

He doesn’t even need to tell me what he’s here for because everyone in the room knows. 
Let it be known that this is the moment when everything fell to sh-t. 


swear to god, i’ve never read the books or read any information on it, other than what @withlove-kirsten has told me. well, up until i tried to google how they find out they’ve been selected and THEN i learned the similarities between jane and the main character... oops. 

but comment for your relationship with jane?

and can i include anyone in my next story? [first five though]
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Wrote 4 years ago
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This is gorgeous!!! Include Charlotte! They could definitely be besties/friends.



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