Each picture in this set represents a part of 2009 for me. Any questions? Comment. x]

I know I've made 2 of these already but they're just so fun! :) 

GOSH, this set took me FOREVER! I've been working on it since, like, 1 this afternoon because the computer was being super slow!

Anyway, 2009 had its ups and downs. We laughed, we cried, we had fun. I've learned that life isn't about regretting the past, it's about remembering but moving forward and holding onto the experience... do you get it? Me neither.

I'm gonna shuffle my iPod and write about a time in my life that comes to mind for each song... yeah... I guess I'll do 40 since there's 40 items in this set.

1) Why Can't We Be Friends- Okay, I just totally think of me and Katia for this one. 

2) We Are Golden- This is a pretty good song, I remember Sofia and Madison slept over at my house the night before Halloween 2009 and heard this one and Sofia said she liked it. x]

3) Don't Stop Believin' (Glee Cast)- Well, I saw the episode of Glee where they do this one. And on the way to the Bobcats basketball game for the 8th grade, we all started singing this.

4) You Belong With Me- There was a while in October when I could NOT stop listening to this. And I still love it. Oh, and this reminds me of the night of the VMA's and EVERYONE on Polyvore was talking about Kayne interrupting Taylor in her acceptance speech for this song.

5) 21 Guns- I saw this music video on TeenNick. And I just realized a few days ago that I can so relate to this one.

6) Who'd Have Known- For a while after the whole Johnathan+Deirdre surprise, I thought of this as their song.

7) Here (In Your Arms)- We listened to this last night at Sofia's house!

8) 1, 2, 3, 4- The guys serenaded the girls with this song at camp and Deirdre made a set about Johnathan saying "I love you" with this title.

9) Popular- Madison and me break into this song a lot.

10) Bleeding Love- I did this as one of my songs for our language arts music analyzing project thingy in 7th grade.

11) Dark Blue- Heard it at camp, it rocks.

12) Fix You- All I can say is I have this awesome music video worked out in my head every time I hear this song.

13) It's the End of the World As We Know It- This was in Chicken Little. x] IDK, I just like it.

14) Footloose- Well, I wasn't really there for this obviously, LOL, but this is the song from Footloose and that was the movie my parents saw on their first date.

15) Speed of Sound- I remember this coming on at my sister's school Fun Friday (where "IT'S GLOBAL WARMING" came from) and Sofia was there with me and we had sodas and we were gonna go sit in the grass and listen and I was telling her about how I had decided on a theme song for each of my friends and I told her this one was Nathanial's and she's like "Great, you ruined a perfectly good song!"

16) Disturbia- We listen to this is gym sometimes since I burned a CD! :D

17) Hero- This was one of the songs on a CD I made Sofia for her birthday. :) ILY!

18) Frontier Psychiatrist- I heard this at Bern's house when he was having a party. If you've never heard it, go look it up and then you can PM me about what a freak I am. XD

19) I'm Yours- I have no idea why I can't think of a memory for this one but I still just love it.

20) Low- They used to play this at Middle School Madness all the time when Madison and me and Bern went pretty much every weekend. That was fun. :)

21) It's Your Life- This was on the last episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8!

22) With You- Me and Bern danced to this at Cotillion. It's an awesome song but it still makes me kinda sad.

23) Smelyalata- I remember when this was your favorite song last summer, Sofia! And I thought it was pronounced sorta like smelly-ya-latte.

24) So What- I don't have any memories with this one besides the one time I listened it it all day on repeat, so needless to say I just like it. 

25) Kids In America- This was in the Jimmy Neutron movie! :D

26) Love Drunk- Guess who this makes me think of? 

27) I Want You to Want Me- I remember Deirdre giving me advice and quoting this song. "Like it says in 'I Want You to Want Me', Mackie, 'shine up the old brown shoes, put on a brand new shirt'." That conversation still doesn't make any sense to me...

28) Love Song- Madison can play this on the piano and I want toooooooo!

29) Never Knew I Needed- Okay, this is from my favorite movie ever, and this is an amazing song.

30) Leave It All to Me- iCarly theme song, duh. Am I the only one that seriously wants to see iSaved Your Life? Ha, I'm such a dork... But I love Seddie WAY more than Creddie or whatever. (LOL, guess what they call Spencer+Sam? Spam... fail...)

31) Thriller- This will be my way of honoring Michael Jackson's death in 2009. Whether he was mentally stable or not, his music DID rock. Kinda funny because we were on our way to Texas the day he died and we were staying in JACKSONville, Mississippi, when we heard about it. Oh, and the people in Pocket God can do the Thriller! :o

32) Right Round- All I can remember about this song is it was playing in our living room one day and my mom asked me if it was rated "Gangster" or something. I'm like "Um, no..." -____- <----- fish face lost an eye

33) Cupid Shuffle- Me and my cousin made up a dance to this last summer and did it for our family. :) And as she would say, "But we were stupid then."

34) Build Me Up Buttercup- This was the Dark Blue song for our camp the year before you came, Sofia. :)

35) Teardrops on My Guitar- I just remember Madison telling me this is a song she thought related to grilled cheese. :( Don't lose hope.

36) Secret Valentine- This is the song I woke up to on Valentine's Day 2009!

37) The Bird and the Worm- Another one of those so-my-life songs.

38) Too Cool- Bran muffin. XD XD XD

39) Party In the USA- Who could forget Miley's amazing dancing on the ice cream truck? O_O Ugh, how long has this song been on the Top 10 iTunes list?

40) Hey There Delilah- Psssh, never heard this one before in my life.

I am determined to make 2010 my best year yet. For realz.

Imma publish a set about my resolutions soon too. Bleh.


P.S. If you actually read this far down, you are AMAZING!

P.S.S. Thanks SO much for all the faves! My sets definitely don't deserve it...

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Christians on Polyvore

Christians on Polyvore

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If you have prayer requests,please do share.Also,a group y'all might wanna check out it "prayer requests" headed by kandyc.
We try to keep it to a minimum just for pure readability's sake,but if we took something down that you still want prayer for or if it never got up by mistake,send Betsy Lou Who a pm and it will be corrected ASAP.
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Hello, I'm apart of your Christians on Polyvore group, and I was wondering if you are gonna start doing more contests?? I think they would be fun as i joined after the last one finished...
little_lizzy97 wrote
this a prayer request for your groop. i cut. arms, legs anywhere and i have depression. i think about death alot. my friends say i need to turn back to god because i dont know if i believe in him anymore. feel free to pm me anytime and plz comment on my sets ~Lizzy~

LeAvE A SeT, MaKe A ComMeNt!??

LeAvE A SeT, MaKe A ComMeNt!??

**I've been away for a while, but I am back :) So let me know if you'd like to start doing some contests again, I think it'd be fun**
*So here's what this group is about to anyone who's new: Welcome! Together we can make our sets bigger. Post any set here, the more people who join, the bigger our sets will get. ANY and ALL sets are welcome! Leave a set, and make a comment on someone elses set. It's that easy! Have fun!!
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Shiny, Sparkly, and Festive ;D

Shiny, Sparkly, and Festive ;D

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