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☆ Saturday : 
Third Challenge - The VSFS is less than a week away, so all of the girls are heading down to the VS studio to try some test outfits on for the show! We're also getting interviewed by some press while we're there, so expect cameras!
Why does your model love fittings/ What does she love about them?
 - Athena loves fittings because she loves seeing the possibilities of all the outfits. She loves being able to see what she may get to actually wear, or even just seeing the masterpieces the VS team has created is astounding to her. She also loves wearing them and seeing how they look on her, even if she ends up with a different outfit. To her, it's like playing dress-up in lingerie heaven.

Why are the fittings important to you?
 - Fittings are important because you actually get to really see how it works and how it flows and it's the time where you can see what adjustments have to be made, which is important in lingerie since something can easily slip out and that wouldn't be a good thing since it's on national television. You're able to see how it looks on you, if it suits your body shape, if it fits correctly, and if it doesn't, adjustments can be made or the outfit could be given to someone else. It's all about changes being made and everything about the fashion show being finalized and set into place. 

What outfit(s) were your favorite to try on?
 - I was able to try on a PINK outfit, which consisted of a pair of sequined, lace-back panties that say 'unwrap me' which is so cheeky, and so PINK, it's so flirty and fun. The panties also had a satin and lace, red bow in the back to cover a bit more since the lace-back itself is a bit too revealing. The bow tied in the back, but was connected to a satin sash that hung on her hips. With the panties, I wore a black, Heartbreaker push-up bra and a pair of red and gold Nicholas Kirkwood high heels. It was very simple, but still sexy and cute. 
I was also very honored to be able to try on a pair of wings. I was so happy I got to try them on, even though I'm not necessarily expecting to wear them. You see, I think that wings are a privilege granted to those who have worked hard enough in Victoria's Secret. I'm only a newbie, so I think wings should definitely go to someone a bit more deserving. 
"Are you ready?" I ask, peeking my head through the beige curtain covering the dressing room where I was getting ready into a possible outfit for the one and the only, Victoria's Secret fashion show. 

"Come on out, babe!" Ed grins and I listen to his call, walking through the curtain, revealing myself in the sequined, lace-back red panties. They had placed a big, huge red bow on the back of my butt as well, since it said 'unwrap me' on the front, and well, fitting… is it not? My perfect cleavage is showcased with PINK's famous, Heartbreaker bra, which is a size smaller to make my boobs look even more amazing, yet still be comfortable. There's a red, satin ribbon around my waist, connecting with the bow in the back, which is also satin, but has small accents of lace in it as well. 

"What do you think?" I ask with a wink as I stand in front of the plain, white backdrop, looking at the VS crew. They all stare in amazement. 

"Walk, would you dear?" Dominic asks and I nod. 

I strut down the small space, stopping and posing at the end, showing off the bow in the back and giving a sultry wink with a devious smile. 
"Ooh, I love it," Monica smiles at me. 

"Me too!" I giggle, looking down at the outfit. It looks perfect. Really it does. 

"Ooh, sexy girl!" Natasia trills, walking into the room, a PINK crop top and a lacy pair of panties on, along with a bright pair of Nicholas heels, as all the models have this year. 

"You should be talking!" I smile, looking at her. "You look great!" I say as some of the assistants walk over. They're making adjustments on my bow and to a few other touches. 

"Thank you! You too!" She grins. 

"Ooh, unwrap me! Gladly!" Caroline smiles, walking into the little circle that has formed. She's dressed gorgeously of course with a huge, glamourous, headpiece.

I laugh, "Shush," I blush, looking at her outfit. She look beautiful. 

After a few final nips and pins, the outfit is complete and just as I'm about to head back to change, Ed stops me. 

"Wait, Athena, there's ONE more piece we want you to try on!"

"Sure!" I smile. "What is it?"

"Well, we have these wings that go with that outfit and well… we just want to try it out… as a possibility," He explains. 

I stare at him, my face, I'm sure, a mask of shock. "Are you…. are you serious?" 

"Yeah!" He says just as an assistant brings the wings. They're huge and red, fluffy with some black feathers thrown in there and a huge, red bow on top, a duplicate of the one on my as*. 

I stare at them, in shock, watching as the assistant helps me strap them on. 

"Oh my gosh," I say, once I feel them on my back, turning towards the full length mirror and looking at it. It looks amazing. Simply stunning. "Am I really going to wear these?" 

"Maybe!" Ed winks. "We'll just have to see! Maybe we'll wing it!" He smiles and I chuckle at his corny joke. "How about a walk?" 

I do as told, strutting my signature strut down the length of walkway in the fitting room, exactly as I had before. "Love it!" They all smile. 

I soon get changed back into my regular clothes and after a few words with a few interviewers behind a camera, I'm back into a cab, heading down to my apartment. And once inside the lobby, I spot a familiar face- Penn.

I grin, and instead of approaching him, just walking to the elevator absentmindedly. He follows me, "Athena!"

"Hey," I grin as he steps into the elevator, nearly banging his head on the gold, mirrored doors in the process, causing me to chuckle. 

"Hey, just get back from work?" 

I nod, "Fashion show fittings," I grin. 

"Ooh, exciting! First year?" 

"Yep," I answer. 

After the night of meeting him, I had grown fond of him. Every time I caught him in the lobby or down the hallway, I got a sense of warmth and a rush of butterflies that swarmed my stomach. I had never truly felt like this about anyone. I had always just stuck to random hook ups, or relationships that lasted a week at the most. But this, this was different, I could feel it… and we hadn't even had a kiss or any time of romantic gestures yet. 

"It must be fun… prancing around in lingerie all day," He muses as the elevator goes up, up and away. 

"Kinda," I shrug. 

"Do I get any sneak peeks about the outfit you'll be wearing?" He raises an eyebrow suggestively. 

"Nope," I shake my head as the elevators open and I step out. "You'll just have to wait!" I shout, looking behind my shoulder, smiling at him.
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Wrote 4 years ago
@opium-glitter-guns I'm secretly hoping so too! But whatever happens, happens, but I guess we'll have to wait and see :P
xx Athena

Wrote 4 years ago
story up! @opium-glitter-guns @christi

Wrote 4 years ago
Caroline? :)


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I leave beauty everywhere

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3rd place in group contest: Dress me, I'm your mannequin!

3rd place in group contest: Dress me, I'm your mannequin!

20 sets from 20 members. Ended 4 years ago.
- Make a set of your model at the fittings.
- Write a story of her experience during the fittings.
- Why does your model love the fittings/what does she love about them?
- Why are the fittings important to you?
- What outfit(s) were your favorites to try on?

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