680 South- The Story So Far
I like this set and this song.
I'm recommending TSSF to my friend and I hope he likes them because then there will be so many happy tears.
I have this picture of Parker as my iPod lock screen thing:
and my mom agrees with me that he's cute.
do you understand how surprising that was
my mom and I never agree on that stuff.
I wish I had the whole band as it though, there are just no band pictures I really like sigh
My cousin's house is really nice
really nice.
And me and my cousins haven't really met because they just stay in their rooms all day on their laptops
which is precisely what I do, so I don't blame them.
And then my girl cousin is kinda eh
I feel bad for my little sister because she's mean to her awe.
I have another cousin i have yet to see that lives here in Colorado.
He used to be really nerdy and we'd be bffs when we'd hang out
but i haven't seen him in 5-6 years
and apparently he's been arrested and stuff since then
so that's nice.
I have to go tubing with the family tomorrow, apparently we're going to a peak of a mountain to do it.
oh god.
1. I'm afraid of heights omfg
2. I'm paranoid because avalanches
i really want a boyfriend and i saw a little hxc crew with their hxc crew initials on their little crewneck sweaters and i was really amused by that ok bye
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