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Thursday: What happens when you have a handful of hormonal girls sleeping under one lofty penthouse? So much scandalous shitt. Head bitchh Ari (@xoluxury) is hosting a sleepover, and to everyone’s surprise, she’s inviting doll faces. But she knows with confident, most of them are scared shut in their apartments to even leave. It’s a true test to see which doll faces have what it takes. Gossip, nailpolish, and a bunch of pretty girls can turn into something terribly ugly.

I grabbed a drink from a passing waiter or whatever they were, who ordered waiters for a sleepover anyway? Ari did. The champagne slid down my throat with ease, from many years of practice.

"Hey b-tch, don't drink it all," Ari smiled, saddling up to me. 

"Like you didn't pay for tons," I said, smirking. "And anyway, I don't have anything better to do."

"Some of the girls are playing poker," she suggested, twisting a ring around her finger, mesmerizing me.

"I don't know how to play," I said in a low voice, hoping she wouldn't hear me and would just ignore me. Most people did, they just liked to see my face, be acquainted with someone beautiful, and leave me alone. 

"Ah come on, we can teach you!" Ari clapped a hand on my shoulder. "And you can take that jacket off honey, it's hot as h-ll in here."

"Um, it's okay," I said, backing away from her. "I need to use the bathroom anyway."

"Well come join us in a bit! It'll be fun!" 

I watched her sashay off. Her dark hair was so long and pretty. She was gorgeous, and she wasn't dumb like me. She knew how to play poker.

I wandered off toward the bathroom, even though I didn't have to go. I saw Belle and Acacia laughing in the dining area, scrolling through something on Belle's phone. They thought they were better than everyone. And maybe they were. I mean, they were. It seemed like, anyway.

Some Doll Faces named Nikita and Elizabeth were standing outside the bathroom, talking quietly. They made me sick, what were they even doing here? Had Ari seriously invited them?

"There's a line?" I asked in a snotty tone, striding up to them.

"Dani's in there, talking to some boy," Elizabeth said. 

"What, I didn't know boys were here," I replied, scrunching my eyebrows. "I would've invited Zach!"

"No, like on the phone," Nikita told me, with a small smile. 

"That's stupid," I said, sneering at her. "What are you two even doing here?"

"PARTY'S IN THE MAIN ROOM!" Elle screamed at the end of the hall. "Get your a--es in here!"

"Looks like someone's calling for you," Elizabeth said, eyeing me as Nikita stared at Elle, who was waving wildly. 


"Duh, apparently no one wants us here," Nikita said in a mocking but sad way. 

"Whatever." I glanced back at Elle. "Coming!" I grinned, leaving Elizabeth and Nikita to fend for themselves. Maybe they weren't that bad, but I didn't really want to be their friends. 

They weren't good for my rep. 

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