maybe you were just to nice to me
maybe it took me way too long to leave
maybe at once we felt the same
maybe I'm the one to blame

//Panic Cord~Gabrielle Aplin

I love this song so much (and it kinda reminds me of chapter 54 in HMYY @stars-over-the-water @mist-on-the-meadow )

I've been so out of sorts this week. It's like someone has taken a knife to my school and chopped it all up and disoriented it and now all that's left is really long testing days, out of order classes, and lots of studying. *Sigh* at least I did do some things that are considerably productive like, all the studying and homework, or writing a few journal entires, or catching up on my reading. But even after this crazy week, and oh so conviently-I have AP Environmental Science review session from 7:30am-1pm on SATURDAY. 

I really wanna do somehting outdoorsy this sunday and I really wanna sleep and read some more and spend time with friends I haven't seen in a while. At least, next weekend is the New York trip with my freshman class:)

But as far as exciting things that have happened this week, I've got two for ya:

1. I slept walk again when my sister woke me up from a nap and I literally bursted from my covers and started crying and screaming and saying "I was late". I almost attacked her, but I went back into bed muttering devishly, "go away..." Poor Nina, that was her first time dealing with my sleep walking. That was fun....

and 2. I almost got kidnapped today with my friend because we wanted to have lunch in the cemetary. I guess that's what we get for ditching our friends for graves. We were really close too-like seriously close. He was all like "Hey girls, I've got a interesting item in-" but I totally cut him off (which was kinda funny) and spluttered "-NOPE." and hopped before sprinting in the other direction and calling my friend's name over my shoulde, telling her to come along. I mean, he totally had his car door open too. So, it was kinda funny. I mean, it was weird though, because the neighborhood's not really bad at all. hmpf. oh, well. you never know.

so, WOW. that was a lot. oh well, haha. there's my life update;) Thanks for reading if ya did. 

xx Natalee
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Wrote 4 years ago
it was like a wake up call!!! @mist-on-the-meadow (no, no you were right. iot's like a huge wake up call and I kinda stumbled around...but I'm awake) @stars-over-the-water

Wrote 4 years ago
Girl be careful don't get yourself killed

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thanks, bby xx @fashiond

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this set is awsome!♥


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