The Motto- Drake.

I looked at my watch. Had a only a minute gone by since I last looked at it.
"Gia!" I heard. I turned swiftly to see a tall woman beckoning over me. "We're glad to have you, we could use the extra help around here." It was my first day at David Tutera's, and I was nervous. But, at the same time I was excited. This is what I had been anticipating and waiting for. A job, a real, real, job. "You'll be doing some exciting things here, everything from going to pick out cakes to meeting with the client. By the time David's done with you, you'll know everything there is to know about weddings." I smiled, and followed the woman down a long, narrow hallway, and walking down it, I pretended I was already running the place. "My name's Amanda, by the way. I'll be kind of your tour guide." 
"Amanda. Got it. How long have you been here?"
"This is my fifth year, not counting my internship year."
"And you love it here?" I asked.
"Of course, I wouldn't be here if I didn't!" I laughed, because she had a point. "Here's your desk." She pointed to a small desk on the wall. "And that's mine," she said, pointing to the desk in the center of the room. "David's office is through that door."
"Oh!" I exclaimed, finally realizing Amanda's significance. She was David's /assistant/. That kind of made me the assistant to the assistant, which was pretty high up considering. I couldn't believe they were putting enough trust in me to let me be that close to David. I smiled admiringly at my desk, and set my purse on it.
"You must be Gia," I heard a male voice say. Before turning, I knew who it was, and I held my breath. 
"Hello, Mr. Tutera. ThankyousomuchforlettingmeworkhereI'msoexcitedIpromiseI'lldoareallygoodjoband-" David looked from Amanda and back to me and they started laughing.
"First, you can call me David. And second, it's a pleasure having you. According to your teachers letters, you will be quiet the asset!" I felt myself go red, and brushed all my hair over one shoulder. "I'll see you a little later today, I have a client meeting." I watched Mr. Tut- David leave, and then turned to Amanda.
"That was David Tutera!" I squealed. She laughed again.
"Yes. Now, are you going to do that every single time he leaves his office? Because if so, we might have to move your desk." 
"No, no, I promise I wont."
"Then you'll do fine here."
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