Blame it on my ADD, baby.
Yes, that's an actual band and song.
No, I don't actually feel this way. But I do feel this way sometimes.
I don't have ADD. Miranda does.
I know this set sucks.
I don't give a crap about Pottermore at this point because I've been hearing all about it on Tumblr and Polyvore and it's driving me nuts. I'm really frustrated, but I don't know why. Oh yeah, I do.
I can imagine that this would be very exciting to a ton of Harry Potter fans. I respect that. But could you please shut up about Pottermore clues and the Magical Quill and time zones and emails already?! And geez, this isn't life or death. This isn't Hogwarts and truth be told, the world of Harry Potter is not our own. Yes, if you don't get the clue and if you don't get to register and if you don't get the email, it's got to be pretty fucking disappointing. But can we get back to real life here?
I know I'm going to get a lot of shit about this. Come get me, bitches, I don't give a damn.
This is my opinion, and I stand with my opinion.
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Wrote 5 years ago

Wrote 5 years ago
HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THIS? so beautiful. like on a scale of one to ten, this is definitely 1000.

Wrote 5 years ago
This is amazing... and I LOVE that song!!!

Wrote 5 years ago
I don't understand how you don't see it. I mean...your cropping...whoa! :D I don't even know what Pottermore is because I haven't been on in so long or watched TV or wherever it is...but I agree, the hype about all of this can get annoying. But my best friend is obsessed and she's the one who got me into Harry Potter and I kind of liked it so I gotta respect that too. Some people are just too addicted/:



Be true to who you are.?

Be true to who you are.?

'Be true to who you are',♥

I would like you to do sets that represent some part of you, shows how your feeling or even show who you are and what you love or maybe what you don't like, up to you.
As long as your proud of it, and YOU like it. It's perfect.
All sets accepted, Art, Mini, Fashion, even those funny ones, anything.

Remember be true to YOU! :)

Listen To Your Heart ?

Listen To Your Heart ?

Hey (:
This is a group for anything! Art, Fashion, Minis, Mosiacs - Everything!
Please Join, and tell your friends!
Take part in our regular contests, and have fun (:
iloveyou ♥

The hipsters and the artists.

The hipsters and the artists.

Just submit all your hipster and art sets:D
lots of contests, and stuff.
Invite members, always!
Created on November 1st by Sнє.ℓινєѕ.ιη.α.ƒαιяутℓє {✭}
Taken over by Gabriella on August 28th, 2011. (:
Taken over again by loveemelikealovesong on January 12, 2012:D


Cropped Sets

Cropped Sets

78 sets from three members. Ended 5 years ago.
This contest is for cropped sets only. You can make a new set or put in one of your old ones. There will be 5 winners and only 2 weeks!
Hope you have fun!

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