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I'm back! I've finally finished high school and all the ceremonies and traditions that go with it :) I hope you're all doing fine- especially those caught in all the freak weather going on at the moment.
Everyone (all the high school graduates) went down south for a holiday this week only to have a storm hit, cancelling half the parties :/ The weather is like a prepubescent bisexual, it seems very confused.

This is honestly one of the sloppiest dolls I've ever made. It started as a warm-up kind of thing because I couldn't get any inspiration and then I started playing around with colours and then the background came into it- phewww, it wasn't really ever meant to be published. Yet here it is. In all (none) of its blurry glory. 'Tis quite hipsterish too. Oops. 

The full song is worth listening to:

Thank you Polyvore for making my set an art and expression thingy for the 6th of the 12th, 2012. Merci beaucoup!!
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