Wake Me Up - Ed Sheeran 

I love the holiday season because of the atmosphere. Everyone is nicer and in a better mood. People are more generous and giving. I love the weather. I love getting to wear my sweaters and boots and winter clothes. Seeing my family is another great part of the holidays. I love time off from school. I love spending time with my friends and family without worrying about school. The food is another great thing. I love eating and not worrying about it because it's Christmas and nobody cares. I love buying presents for my family, friends, and myself. I love decorating the house and wrapping presents. Winter is definitely my favorite season. 

you know how some songs have that one line where you're like yes that lyric is so good I wanna title all my sets that lyric and I want that tattooed all over my body. Ed Sheeran songs are made of all of those lines. also I can now do the whole second verse of UNI and I'm pretty proud of myself cause have you ever heard that. 

and I think I like this set. 
If I don't get to make another set before then, 
HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON. omg 21 years old. you're like. legal to drink in the usa. I remember when you were an awkward teenager trying out for xf. ugh the tears. 

this set is for several battle groups.
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