Top Sets for Sep 20th, 2012 - Thank you with all of my heart @polyvore ♥

Alright, I have some really sad-bad-hurting news to unfortunately let you guys in on. And I will really, really need and appreciate all of your help on the issue. Please, please read below! 

But first - THANK you big time for the amazing respond, support and theme suggestions we have got for the Style Mission this past week! All of the ideas you guys came up with were awesome, so now me and Jenny have some tough work to do - to set the actual theme schedule for STYLE MISSION 2 !! Wooho! Will get down to it ASAP, but please be patient - we're working our asses of here on the Riviera atm ;P BUT STAY TUNED and news will come soon! :))) x

Alright. MAYDAY: Now to the bad news. Just a couple of days ago I discovered that I have a major copy cat - - that has been copying my EXACT random, set layouts for about 10 days now. And today she even got one of them in Top Sets :'( I have been experiencing some copying issues before, but this is extreme. So I have been writing her giving her a chance to really understand the seriousness of what she has been doing and asking her kindly but very firmly to delete all of the sets copied, immediately. BUT, though she admits doing wrong and CONSCIOUSLY copying the layouts she do not want to delete them - which obviously upsets me a great deal. 

SO. Since she did not take the actually, in my opinion, very kindly given chance to make right for herself, I think it's nothing but fair game that I now ask all of you guys to help me out in the issue and PLEASE flag her. I've contacted Polyvore about it as well, but I would very, very, VERY much appreciate your guys's help !

If you have ever been following me, seeing my work progress, liking and supporting my sets - PLEASE support me in this as well. And everyone out there supporting the "Be original" campaign - this is your chance to stand up for what you think! 

This has really been shaking me up and honestly made made me really upset and sad :'(. So yeah. I just really wanted to get the word out there. Please have a look for yourself.

Lots of love and appreciation,
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Wrote 4 years ago
@iluvatar - my dearest, dearest iluvatar - wow, where would my self esteem go without you, I just got to wonder..?! ;O :P Joking aside. though - I am so overwhelmed by this comment of yours, filled with the utmost caring and respect, that I'm simply out of words. Bah. I don't even know where to start (!!) thanking you for caring soo, so much and giving me this unbelievable will simply just say Thank You. You're a beautiful human being and a divine friend ♥ Thanks.

Wrote 4 years ago
First of - oh, my, goodness, this set is so very beautiful! ♥ No wonder it ended up in top, it's just amazing, and I would write a lot more about how I'm impressed with this set but I don't know which adjectives to use anymore, your sets just leave me speechless, haha...:)))
Aand now - I'm so angry right now. You are one of the most talented and creative here, on Poly, okay on Earth (!) and I always feel so sad when I see someone copying others' work. It has been hard for you because so many people started to think of your work as interesting and innovative (which is so true and great) but they, instead of writing nice comments or writing in their description you inspired them, start copying your work...:( I know that can be hard because everything you do/make comes from you heart and someone copying you (and gaining credit for it -.-) makes it so hard, here and in real life. So I want you to know you have my FULL SUPPORT and I'm here for you, okay? ♥♥♥ But don't worry, they could never make set as good as yours;)

Wrote 4 years ago
Love this style and layout!

Wrote 4 years ago
@hijabikebabi - ohh, thank you very much indeed, my dear! :D xxx
@leatherloveslace - aw, gosh. Such amazingly kind words ! Thanks a billion, my friend! :)) xx



Enter Anything™

Enter Anything™

Group Owned by Laura Loukaides™
This is THE Official Enter_Anything™ Polyvore Group
Welcome to Enter_Anything, I welcome anyone on Polyvore who wants to join!
I would like to thank all of the people which have joined this group so far and to the people who have entered the contests.
EA's 1st Place Winners Collection: (2O11)
EA's 1st Place Winners Collection: (2O12)

United Colors of Polyvore

United Colors of Polyvore

Viva the color revolution!!!!! If you have a great sense of style and love mix color, your place is here!!!!!! Hope many contests and trophies here :)
♥ Ka and Doug

Everything and Anything!!!

Everything and Anything!!!

Welcome everyone to the join the group !! :))

By lusy_lusy (limit; contests)

By lusy_lusy (limit; contests)

! WELKOME ! This group is for everyone who loves fashion. I want to see a lot of fresh,
beautiful, original and stylish sets. It is only fashion. Be creative ! Of course I like contests=) I will be happy if you will be a member of my group!

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.
(Oscar Wilde)

♥ Be Original, Funny and Fashion ♥

♥ Be Original, Funny and Fashion ♥

Welcome everybody!
Feel free to join my group and enjoy it!
Don't forget to tell your friends to join it too!
Kisses ;D


Comfy/Cozy Clothes!

Comfy/Cozy Clothes!

656 sets from 111 members. Ended 4 years ago.
Since it's getting somewhat cooler we all like our comfy clothes so submit sets with sweaters and leggings, jeans and t shirts, flat shoes, flat boots, even sweatpants! Anything with a cozy comfortable feel :) One week 3 days 3 winners!

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