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  • Mayla
  • Black Mona Dress
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    Black Mona Dress
    Mona Lee dress from Mayla, with gathers on the shoulder and a v-neck shape at the front. 3/4 length sleeve, 5cm wide cuffs with dress buttons, elasticated waist band, invisible zipper at the side. Material: 100% SilkCare instructions: Dry clean recommended.
  • Cream Alina Blouse
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    Cream Alina Blouse
    Stylish silk blouse from Scandi label Mayla. With a rounded ruffle neckline and pleat detail at the front with small gathers at the shoulder. Wide cuff with elegant button and a loop opening at the back. Material: 100% SilkCare instructions: Dry clean recommended.
  • Black Daria Blouse
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    Black Daria Blouse
    A signature shape from scandi label Mayla, on trend rounded ruffled neckline and cuffed sleeves. Material: 100% SilkCare instructions: Dry clean.
  • Frankie Jumpsuit
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    Frankie Jumpsuit
    Stunning silk jumpsuit from Mayla. Material: 100% SilkCare instructions: Dry clean recommended.
  • Black Nico Blouse
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    Black Nico Blouse
    Silk blouse from scandi designer Mayla. Simple shirt collar with frill detail at the front and a deep v-neck. Elegant button cuffs and french seams on the inside. Material: 100% SilkCare instructions: Dry clean recommended.
  • Mayla Penelope Dress
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    Mayla Penelope Dress
    This sleeveless?dress is made of 100% silk and ends just above the knee.?This beautiful dress comes in green, print, and navy blue. Pair it with Erickson Beamon jewelry and a PapaRazzi clutch purse for the perfect outfit.
  • Mayla Lilian Dress
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    Mayla Lilian Dress
    This dress shines in a blue print with 3/4 inch sleeves. The dress falls just above the knee.?
  • Mayla Elsa Dress
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    Mayla Elsa Dress
    The Elsa Dress exudes a silk essence that suits the beach, the town, and all sorts of soirees. Soft and flexible, this dress brings about an effortless elegance that sings praise in the sun and glows through the night. ?
  • Mayla Iris Dress
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    Mayla Iris Dress
    This coral-colored instant classic, captures your shaped into a copper-framed silhouette. The Iris Dress creates the perfect balance of class and comfort with a light matching scarf to add to the statement. Perfect for a relaxed look and feel.?
  • Mayla Harper Dress
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    Mayla Harper Dress
    Classy and comfortable. Whether in bright beige or the richness of a dark navy blue, the Harper Dress is for the women who prefer to have the good-girl appearance. Perfect for all occasions, whether fun, discrete, or picnicking with the family.?
  • Mayla Sue Sweater
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    Mayla Sue Sweater
    Composed of silk navy stripes, the Sue Sweater is composed entirely of a retro fashion that owes itself to no decade. As if pulled straight from the scenes of a Jean-Luc Godard classic film, this simple yet profound sweater is a fitting tribute to one of the things Vintage fashion got right. A special and unique take on a traditional fashion, the Sue Sweater is best worn with bright accessories. Perfect for any occasion from the sidewalks to the Studio 54’s of the world.
  • Mayla James Dress
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    Mayla James Dress
    This classical-inspired coral-colored item brings Mediterranean influence directly to the forefront. Reminiscent of the hot pinks and oranges that flash over the leaves and water of the summer season. The James Dress features a timeless cut that is special and unique in its own way.
  • Mayla Lilly Dress
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    Mayla Lilly Dress
    A timeless homage to the wardrobe favorites of decades past, the Lilly Dress provides a new twist on an old staple. A retro that only reminds, never derives, from the embellishments circling the collar to the hem of the skirt, the Lilly Dress starts the perfect outfit.?
  • Mayla Ivy Dress
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    Mayla Ivy Dress
    The Ivy Dress sharpens on sight. With a navy blue silk diamond-sculpted frame, the sleeveless shape of the Ivy Dress is perfect for a summer’s day out. This exquisite laid-back look is inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean beaches.
  • Mayla Karen Jacket
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    Mayla Karen Jacket
    Light and laid-back, the Karen Jacket adds an extra level of elegance for the indoors and out. A casual couture addition with a modern, structured moldability to your tastes. Relaxed yet polished, this jacket goes perfect with a matching blouse or tank.
  • Mayla Fern Blouse
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    Mayla Fern Blouse
    The Fern Blouse is a timeless and irresistible cut perfect for sunny afternoons. Bold, yet effortless, this blouse is a near perfect match with the Avery skirt. Great for festive occasions.?
  • Mayla Daria Blouse
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    Mayla Daria Blouse
    The Daria Blouse is for those who bring an effortless elegance into the room. Perfect for outdoor occasions, the Daria Blouse comes alive under the August sun with a radiant spirit. Matches perfectly in a pair of silk shorts, providing a level of comfort to make the season all the more enjoyable. For relaxing in the afternoon, the Daria Blouse is the ideal option for whatever the day may bring.?
  • Mayla Daria Dress
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    Mayla Daria Dress
    This dress shines with a peach hue and 3/4 inch sleeves. The dress falls right above the knee. Pair it with the Savage Nude Pura Lopez purse for the ultimate look.
  • Mayla Colleen Blouse
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    Mayla Colleen Blouse
    The Colleen Blouse flows effortlessly with a signature Mayla print. Featuring 3/4 inch sleeves, this blouse also comes in beige.
  • Mayla Dakota dress
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    Mayla Dakota dress
    The Dakota Dress drapes with 3/4 inch sleeves and falls just above the knee. It has a cut along the neckline. This beautiful dress comes in navy, beige and print.?
  • Mayla Ciara Dress
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    Mayla Ciara Dress
    Mayla?Ciara Dress shines with short sleeves and an overlay design that pairs well with Erickson Beamon jewelry. Dress falls above the knee for a perfect dress on an important night out!
  • Mayla Ally Dress
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    Mayla Ally Dress
    The tan silk color with white hemmings brings a casual aesthetic made from the finest of materials. For leisurely activities, the Ally Dress simply lets you be. Inspired by the emerald coast at sunset, this dress offers a relaxed look that transitions seamlessly from summer to fall.
  • Mayla Irma Blouse
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    Mayla Irma Blouse
    Within the pattern details of the Irma Blouse, a spirit of individuality sings through the hand-printed silk. This art deco-inspired design sets a new standard for European fashion with sliced squares that speak volumes. From the V at the neck, to the sleeves, and throughout the sites, the Irma Blouse is sure to glow bright with a golden essence. Tailor-made to transcend decades and cultures, this is the blouse to turn heads.
  • Mayla Delia Shorts
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    Mayla Delia Shorts
    Like a summer’s day, these chic bottoms bring a laid-back and luxurious aesthetic for the pleasure-loving woman in you. The perfect accessory to a loose-fitting blouse with the subtle radiance of black.
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