❖ Bansari Singh
Age: 22
From: new delhi, india
Status: daughter to the prime minister of india
Bansari Singh is one of the older girls. With long, flowing hair, she could've been a Bollywood star, but her father didn't want her to. In fact, bookish Bansari's passion is actually acting. This will come as a surprise to all who know her. Bansari spends most of her time buried in books, her hair tied back and glasses perched lazily on her nose. She has some of the best marks at La Sarbonne. She wants to act, though. It makes sense, actually, that a girl who spends time with Shakespeare for fun might also find it fun to reenact - and will do it well. Bansari has an enchanting voice and a stage presence - she makes people want to stop and stare. She could be a great leader...if she weren't so focused on her studies. Bansari needs to get out of her comfort zone, but right now, that seems impossible. Keeping a low profile and being an actor are two completely different things. Bansari has to make her choice once and for all: obey her father or her heart?
model: lakshmi menon

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❖ Collection: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=1486202&.locale=de

❖ Five Facts about Bansari:
1. Bansari always acts like she would love to be friends with everyone - in fact, she can't stand most of the people as she is very shy and feels to be completely different from others.
2. She is totally in love with fashion shows and fascinated by haute couture.
3. She can never get enough of anything sweet and delicious, like croissants filled with chocolate, tartes, pancakes etc.
4. She likes to take photos of her life in France and send it to her family at home in India. 
5. She's secretly writing on her own play about oppression of women - with herself as the protagonist.

❖ Interview:
1) Ok tell us about your past, where do you come from?
I would love to. I come from India and my father, the prime minister, sent me to France to have more opportunities than we have in our country. Don't get me wrong, please, I love my homeland, but everyone knows your chances to be intellectual and wealthy one day are getting a lot better if you study abroad. Moreover, I plan to support people in India, especially women, in the future. 
Now something about my past: I was born in May 1990 when my family wasn't that well-known. I had a wonderful childhood with my 3 siblings: two brothers and my twin-sister Enakshi. But one day, she fell suddenly ill and from then on, her life was not very pleasant anymore. That's also why I am here: For my sister, to help her with her illness, be it financially or by sending photos from my life here to her. 

2) How do you know Marie, or if you don't what are the circumstances around you being invited to the wedding court?
I know Marie since I have been 5. That day, her family went for political reasons to India and my father was already involved in politics in my homeland. I remember that she has always been this beautiful and you can have a lot of fun with her, especially on the day we visited the Taj Mahal. I think she liked India. Since then we have been corresponding with each other and I cannot say anything bad about her.

3) Can you tell us a few personal strengths and weaknesses?
Let me think about that. A personal strenght is, that I am a good listener. If a girl needs a shoulder to cry on, I am there; that's what I am know for among my friends. Also, I am really ambitious to learn to things and, as I already told you, I am ambitious with my future plans: to help women in India.
On the other hand, a personal weakness would be my weakness for sweets! I cannot resist them (smiles). Moreover, I am sometimes too shy to talk to people, especially boys...

4) What are you most looking forward to about moving to Versailles and taking part in court?
I am looking forward to eating a lot of delicious things! (laughs) No, seriously, they have the most amazing food there. I am also excited to see the fashion there and to meet a lot of girls from La Sorbonne I already know. Furthermore, who doesn't love weddings?!

5) What is one thing the world should know about you?
I am very nice to everyone, however, do never think I am naive, because I am not. 

(Out of character)
~ why did you choose this character?
I was exicted to see how many "foreign" characters there are in this roleplay and the Indian girl fascinated me from the beginning. She's different from all other girls, because of her sincere ambitions in life.
Also, I like Asian culture.

~ can you honestly be active?
I will try my best to make the sets required. If there are certain circumstances why I can't make them, I will tell you immediately.

~ why should we choose you for this character?
Because I am already in love with this character and the whole roleplay! 

I hope I will be chosen to play her! :)

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