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❖ Margaret Anne Elizabeth
age: 20
from: london, england
status: princess of wales, daughter to the king and queen of england
The guest of honor to the marriage court, and future queen of France. Margaret is probably the sweetest, and prettiest young lady you will ever meet. The youngest of the British royal family, many call her the 'Rose of England'. Margaret is very patriotic, intelligent, well-read, and believes strongly in the old traditions of her royal line. So when the arranged marriage to Prince Louis was first proposed by her parents, she was actually quite fond of the idea. The whole thing reminds her of the old ways of the kingdom. While she has only spoke to her fiance and Marie through letters, she looks forward to the wedding court and her move to France. She knows the French kingdom and royals are much more gaudy, pretentious, and less-conservative than the British monarchy and her only worry is she will not fit in. 
model: maud welzen

1. Aelwen MacMahon
2. Beatrice Blanche Victoria
3. Yvette Comeaux Euphémie
4. Patricia Odette Poirier
5. Keira Graham

Five facts about Margaret:
1. She has a deathly fear of heights ever since she took a tumble off of a very high staircase at Kensington Palace.
2. Margaret loves decorating her room during Christmastime and is an insufferable caroler. 
3. Every year on his birthday, she gives her brother a hat she knitted and wakes him up by singing happy birthday right in his ear.
4. She was such a poor dancer that when the anniversary for her father’s 15th year as king came around, the palace issued a statement that said Margaret had sprained her ankle and was therefore unable to dance that evening. 
5. When she was seven years old she accidentally wandered into the public part of Kensington palace and fell asleep in the gift shop. 
~ Audition Q&A
(in character - interview with press) 
1) Ok tell us about your past, where do you come from?
I was born in London on March 3rd 1992 with a face that my grandmother said was redder than any rose she had ever grown. The next day papers across the country were emblazoned with, “The Rose of England has been born!” “The Rose of England has bloomed!” and so on and so on. My older brother, Henry, ran around Balmoral castle when I was brought home yelling something akin to, “THE PRINCESS HAS LANDED! AND SHE IS THE BESTEST ONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD”. Henry will completely deny this if you ask him today though. He’s always been the more outgoing of us two, especially when it comes to the demands of being a modern day royal. But he’s really brought me up to be more outgoing and confident as a Princess. My mother and father endeavored to keep me as much of a normal girl as they could. While my brother had much more of an international upbringing and has been in the public eye since he was younger, I’ve been ensconced in boarding schools and college in order to allow me to grow up free of the public pressures. At the moment I am a third year at the University of St Andrews where I am a history major with a particular emphasis on Queen Victoria. My professors said I would have an unfair advantage in studying her since I have a great deal of the source material in my house, but I really connected with her on a deep personal level. When my parents suggested the match between myself and Louis, I remembered that Victoria really fell in love with Albert through letters, so maybe Louis and I could too. 

2) How do you know Marie, or if you don't what are the circumstances around you being invited to the wedding court?
Well after the engagement was announced Marie and I began avidly trading emails. She’s far more adventurous than I am in almost every sense but I am delighted to one day call her sister! She’s been so delightful in helping me prepare for my move and is even helping me transfer into La Sorbonne. 

3) Can you tell us a few personal strengths and weaknesses?
I am reserved to a fault. While we English are known for our conservative nature, even my father has said I could loosen up a bit! But I feel that my reservations are strengths as well. You see, I have always felt that it is more important to be a model of English patience and virtue rather than clutter my image with partying and such. I have always served my country as what I can hope is an embodiment of English values. As far as other strengths, I am a very kind and loyal friend, respectful daughter, and proud citizen of England. 

4) What are you most looking forward to about moving to Versailles and taking part in court?
Out of anything, I am looking forward to getting to know Louis. Despite our rather unique positions, we’ve never actually met and I feel that after months of correspondence we will get along incredibly well. Louis is very dear to me already and I hope that in France I can become as close to his friends. I am excited beyond belief to meet both Marie and Louis friends and become a true member of their court. 

5) What is one thing the world should know about you?
I am extraordinarily excited to become Louis wife and Dauphine of France. Our countries have always been close and I hope that as I become a member of the French royal family, I can provide a kind heart to the French people. 

(out of character)
~ why did you choose this character?
Well I once played a British princess named Margaret and it was one of my favorite polyvore characters ever. I feel like Margaret has the unique ability to become involved with numerous members of the RP and I have so many ideas for how her character can develop. I really sympathize with her fear of not being accepted by the French people because I have always worried about fitting in and I can only guess how overwhelming it would be for her. 
~ can you honestly be active?
I will honestly try as hard as I can to remain active. Since I am a Second Semester Senior, the workload has considerably lessened and I am very excited to get involved in some new Roleplays!

~ why should we choose you for this character?
I should be chosen for Margaret because I have the experience of four years of role playing, a wealth of knowledge both about the French and British monarchies, but more than just that I feel that I really resonate with her when it comes to wanting to do anything to help her family and I feel that should you pick me, I could provide an honest interpretation as well as great stories for this character.
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@esprit-de-escalier @the-clary-project @modern-bourgeois Just a heads up I'm going to be gone tomorrow through Wednesday. Hopefully I'll be able to get online and see the results of the contest but i thought i'd give you guys the heads up :)

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wow, this is amazing!! both the set and the answers. :)





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