Asian Monthly Challenge - January :

2. Year End Show’s performance


Actually I was going to make set dedicated to this 4minute's performance: because I love the intro and the girls had beautiful outfits but I couldn't find any photos -.-

So here's MBLAQ. Mir had awesome hairstyle. Seungho's so handsome but he couldn't perform because of his injury TT_TT

Generally unlike last year I liked a lot of performances. Like Infinite+ orchestra, or Boyfriend with Janus and awesome military outfits and flags!

I think B.A.P had the best performances! For every stage they showed something different, and their dance breaks were to dance to DRUMS not that stupid dubstep like every other band [especially SM...SM overused dubstep]

2NE1+Lee Ha Yi stage was awesome. I don't understand what happened with CL during her duet performance with that guy...she totally rocked the stage with 'I Love You', and she's asctually god at singing, so what happened during that duet? She murmured her part like a drunk -.-

I still haven't watch KBS end year show. It's awesome that MBC invited less popular groups, SBS was so packed with big idols there wasn't place for GLAM or Boyfriend [who had awesome stages on MBC]

So, yeah, over all I'm satisfied with this year's shows:)

Oh, and this:

FINALLY!!!! Gayoon and JiYoon's duet!
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