Hi there,
I am dedicating this collection to @Mcheffer.Mary is A Poly designer who runs 30 groups,her own blog,Clothing & Accessories Shop and despite all of that still has time to create amazing sets daily.She is extremely talented and versatile.Pretty much does it all and does it so well.I am still in all at the fact that she runs 30 groups.If I am not mistaken I do believe that is A Poly record.(correct me if I am wrong)I myself aren't the owner of any groups but I am pretty certain it takes A lot of time,effort,and hard work to runs these groups
consistently,effectively and professionally as she does.I'm sure all of the group owners can attest to this.That being said,this is why I feel Mary is worthy of this solo feature.Keep up the amazing work Mary. You are doing A phenomenal job.xx
P.S. Just paying respect to one hard working woman. NO partiality!!!

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Wrote one month ago
Yes we do...Im the 8th.

Wrote one month ago
@luckied99 @mcheffer Cancer babies rock!! 🤘🏾 I'm July 11th.

Wrote one month ago
I agree ...she is fabulous and I still cant figure out how she does it. It must be those super July Cancer powers. ...(rub me Mary) @mcheffer you are a phenomenal woman my dear


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