Nadia Elizabeth Petrov 
Birthday: August 31
Style: Chic/Party Girl/ Whatever is clean in her closet 
Family: Mary Louis Holcomb (40, professional gold digger), Alexei Timur Petrov (45, “businessman” most likely trafficker of drugs), Ana Wood (16, high school student) 
Occupation: Works as a receptionist at a law firm. 
Dating Status: Involved in off and on relationship with Aden Simmons. When she is not involved with him she hooks up with random guys.
Likes: Coffee, dancing, keeping her guard up at all time, school, rain, her little sister, boys, not speaking to her parents, alcohol, sex, lace
Dislikes: People who do no understand her, working, liars, her mother, 
Bio: Nadia's childhood was filled with men coming and going all the time. She raised her little sister by herself. Her mother worked as a "call girl". The income was good, she could feed her daughters, afford to live the luxurious life she loved, and keep up her cocaine habit. Once she passed her “call girl” stage she began to find a "sugar-daddy" to take care of her for awhile, and when he dumped her she moved on to the next one. The men would constantly drift in and out her life. Two of those relationships caused pregnancies. Nadia is the oldest sister. Her father was a Russian business man who was with her mother until he found out about the pregnancy. Ana, Nadia's younger half sister, father ran a production company in Hollywood. When your mother is a and your father never wanted you, it is the perfect recipe for a screwed up child. Nadia keeps others out, due to her trust issues, she developed into a b.tch. Once you get to know her she can be pleasant, but she still has her b.tchy ways. She is very particular about certain things and will rant in a heartbeat about something she does not like. Nadia lives in an apartment with her younger sister, who is in her senior year of high school. Nadia has minimal contact with her mother. Nadia’s father tried to reconnect with her, but Nadia refuses to acknowledge him. He sends her a check every month for food, clothes, college, and her apartment. Spending his money is Nadia's only connection to him. Nadia loves school and majors in biology. When will Nadia realize she must let certain things in her life go to become a better nicer person?
Model: Alyssa Miller
Potrayed by: tokyoparis
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