Me and Other Lucluc Sponsored People on Polyvores Sets

If possible please comment your taglist in the comments! :-)
Several people sponsored by the company @lucluc ( have all decided to come together and put our sets in to get as many likes possible. For the more likes you get the more credits/dollars you can earn :)
Even just liking a couple sets in this collection would help! c:
Thanks everyone for helping! xx
-macey ♥

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Wrote one year ago
could be the changing of the seasons (ノ◡ ͜ʖ◡)ノ
@luvonedirection4ever @misfit-in @adal1ne @mihsty @shestandsonherown @hengstler2013 @sighbrows @my-pink-wings @dressed-like-a-daydream @espizzacrust @vanessa1313 @thenartalinstrumentslover #TalisLittleTag @skittles-0512 @gamma-draconis @tennirhyanon26 @originxl-ity @joy-division @relephant @ilikemykupcakes @darcymaee @teshaaa21 @zenaida-opinions @r5-austinandally-taylorswift @heyitsholland

Wrote one year ago
to keep on knocking at your door (ノ◡ ͜ʖ◡)ノ
@srwalker-i @cookiensamm @were-allmadhere @i-get-a-little-bit-breathless @hello-crazy @alissalove02 @nancymalik @americanirishprincess @unsung-songs @diannamarieszontagh @thelovatic @haylekayle @atmayfair @a-lovely-mess @zabavapa @andyrosexxx @can-i-live-to-tell-you @haekunamatata @franksfeet @truestorybroxd @hi-its-alyssa @alice-243 @seasidevibes-xo @princessalexandra13 @quiffhead

Wrote one year ago
i've worn out all the reasons (ノ◡ ͜ʖ◡)ノ
@vanilla-cokeskittles @itsjamiepop @damyadunn @queen-mahogany @lexieholl @happyasianxx @feels-like-snow-in-september you're weird lolzor @auroramay19 @f-4bulous @missixtyme @andrea-499 @pageylove @oneheart41-d @singalways161 @universed @martinikiss @easmette @janettetang @nicerose @ffashioninspire @artemisluna @seemo @aeisele-1 @arierrefatir @adventuring-into-the-night


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