Sienna Hunt

I woke up next to Carter and got up and got dressed to go get breakfast at Katie's for Carter and I. 

As I was walking back from Katie's there was this little cage with puppies in it and a lady in front of a table

"Miss" she said stopping me

"Yes" I said walking to her

"Would you like to adopt a puppy?" she asked

I looked at all the little adorable puppies I couldn't say no I had to adopt on

"Sure" I said

"Just pick one" she said

I picked up a little cavalier king cocker spaniel "I'll take his one"

"She needs a good home"she said

I signed all the papers and stuck the little puppy in my purse I held the food in my other hand and made my way to a pet store for a few things.

When I got there I got there I got a few things then left, I thought how would Carter react, oh well this is my puppy and I love her.

When I got home Carter was awake in the bedroom

"Carter" I yelled as I walked upstairs 

"Hey baby" he said kissing me

"Guess what I just got" I said

"A puppy" he said pointing to the little dog at my feet

"Yes"I said picking her up "Isn't she adorable?"

"Yes" he said taking the puppy from me

"Whats her name?" he asked

"Elle" I said 

"Cute" he said putting her down "Now breakfast?" he said smiling

We walked downstairs Carter warmed up our food and I put out Elle's food.

"There's a party tonight" Carter said

"I know I'm excited" I said

"Well you have been off the grid for a while" he said

"I know I was stressed out" I said "I needed me time" I said again

"Did you like your me time?" he asked

"Yeah but I missed you and me time" I said kissing Carter

"I did too" he said breaking our kiss

We finished eating and took Elle to finish get her some stuff. 


{I'm officially back, sorry I didn't notify anyone, it was really sudden but expect more of Sienna, Carter and Elle}

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three comments

Wrote 5 years ago
I'll have to come see Elle sometime. ;)
A xx

Wrote 5 years ago
I can't believe you got a puppy! I may just have to steal her sometime. ;))

Wrote 5 years ago
(love this!)
Aww, I'll definately have to come by and see Elle sometime!
Oh. And you guys, too. (;


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